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People are loving LoveCoups. See what others are saying:

AWESOME it exceeded all expectations

~ nadeen q. 04/15/14

I gave my husband the LoveCoups for our anniversary. I have fun making them and more fun starting to use them with him!

~ Donna J. 04/10/14

It blew me away ! Not only is the book really fun to make, when it arrives its 100% accurate and of excellent quality. 10 out of 10 !!!! I don't normally fill out things like... Read more

~ Kathleen B. 04/04/14

I ordered a book of coupons for my boyfriend's birthday. At first I was a little bummed at the estimated delivery date of 11 days from the day that I ordered it but it... Read more

~ Cassandra H. 04/02/14

Quick, easy and fun! My boyfriend loved this book. So fun that the cartoons looked like us! Love it! Shipped fast! Received it FIVE DAYS prior to expectations!

~ Anne M. 04/01/14

The coupon book came out better than I had expected! My boyfriend was so surprised and really loved it. I will definitely be using Love coups again and will refer my friends... Read more

~ Rachel C. 03/31/14

Everything went well! My husband enjoyed the details (freckles on his face).

~ Torahna B. 03/27/14

The book was amazing! Fast shipping! It got to me before the date! My boyfriend loved it! I love it!! Thank you!

~ Victoria T. 03/19/14

The coupon book turned out way beyond my expectations!! It was awesome and my husband loved it!

~ Michelle M. 03/18/14

I ordered a book of LoveCoups for my Hubby for his birthday. He loved them (and appreciated the "fun" coupons that I added to the book) and couldn't wait to start... Read more

~ Chelsea G. 03/18/14

Love the coupon book! Everything was printed well and looked great! Definitely a creative idea that's cheaper and more personal than the store bought versions. My book was... Read more

~ Kristin . 03/17/14

It went great ! I made one for my boyfriend for Valentines day who is stationed in Korea, when he got it he said he loved it and can't wait to use them when he gets back home... Read more

~ Jessica N. 03/16/14

He loved it. He said it was very thoughtful and that the coupons were very creative. I have always wanted to do this and never had the chance. I would most definitely use... Read more

~ Judy S. 03/14/14

She absolutely loved the book. She was so happy when I gave it to her on Valentine's day. I do recommend this to any couple out there. Thanks a ton.

~ Alex B. 03/13/14

He loved it and I also love him redeeming it. This is the best and I told ally friends about it so they will be making one. Thank you

~ Sabina O. 03/11/14

This was an excellent gift! He had never received or seen anything like this before. He was very pleased with this gift and redeemed a couple immediately. LOL!!! This was... Read more

~ Susan L. 03/11/14

I will probably do it again ! It's a really great gift to offer to your soulmate. I recommand it to everyone who wants to surprise and delight his boyfriend/girlfriend. :D

~ Emilie B. 03/08/14

Would definitely recommend this website to my friends!!

~ Esther G. 03/06/14

it exceeded my expectations. my boyfriend fell in love as he flipped through each page. I was very excited when I saw it. so nicely printed and a very good size. love the... Read more

~ shiva . 03/05/14

Most fun and adorable gift EVER! The characters look exactly like me and my boyfriend and the animations are too funny...this is golden

~ Kristen C. 03/05/14

I was really surprised at the quality of the coupon book once it arrived. The colors were so vibrant and the paper and binding were high quality. I've built a coupon book... Read more

~ Jacquelyn W. 03/05/14

My boyfriend absolutely loved it! He immediately showed it to our friends and that is not something that he would normally do. Our friends thought it was an awesome gift as... Read more

~ Marie-José A. 03/04/14

My boyfriend loved the booklet.. So personalized and appreciated me taking the time to make something special for him that involved both of us in such a playful activities.

~ Veda M. 03/04/14

We celebrated v-day a bit late but he loved them and couldn't stop smiling as he flipped threw. LOVE this unique fun gift

~ Nadia D. 03/03/14

The coupon book looked great. It was a good print quality and overall great buy for the money. "She" loved the idea and has already cashed two of the coupons in!... Read more

~ sean h. 03/03/14

I gave my fiancé the coupon book for our first Valentines Day and he LOVED it!!! Said it was the best thing I got him. He loved the idea, the characters and that he... Read more

~ Alicia S. 03/01/14

Creating the book was simple and straightforward, and there were so many great options for coupons. The finished product looks exactly like the illustrations on the website,... Read more

~ Kirstin C. 03/01/14

Still enjoying coupons. Fun, inexpensive and easy way to show someone they truly are special.

~ jJoan R. 02/28/14

LoveCoups are a creative way to share love. The book I received were great quality and arrived promptly. My boyfriend LOVED this cute Valentine's Day gift and redeems a... Read more

~ Aericka B. 02/28/14

My husband love the coups. He is going to start using them soon....

~ Cristina M. 02/27/14

Very impressed and so was my boyfriend! The quality is excellent and we both loved looking through all of the pictures. It's great that they actually are designed to look... Read more

~ Lindsay M. 02/27/14

It was really easy to pick out what I was looking for. He got the coupons right on Valentines day and was very excited about them. Can't wait to start using them!

~ Robbie R. 02/26/14

They came out great. The process was simple, easy and fun. Plenty of interesting choices for the coupons, I'm quite pleased with how it went and turned out. Would totally... Read more

~ Jordan W. 02/26/14

My partner absolutely LOVED it. I had a blast creating my LoveCoup, and was so pleased when i had received it. It is great quality. Thanks heaps!

~ Rebecca V. 02/26/14

I got these for Valentines Day this year for my boyfriend, and he LOVED THEM!!!!!! I was unsure if he would like them but he did!! And the look on his face was priceless when... Read more

~ Leah H. 02/25/14

My husband LOVED his coupon book! And I loved making it! :) its a great gift that you can make for Valentine's Day or maybe an anniversary!

~ Cynthia P. 02/25/14

First of all what you see is exactly what you get. I was so pleased when I opened my package and reviewed the coupons before I gave them to my Valentine. It looks exactly... Read more

~ Jennifer S. 02/24/14

I made these coupons for my boyfriend for valentines day. He loved them and said it was a really thoughtful gift. He especially liked that the cartoons looked a lot like us.... Read more

~ Maria G. 02/24/14

This book made for the perfect personal V day gift! My boyfriend loved it and it was fun being able to include fun, love, and inside jokes into a gift. Thank you!!!

~ Brittany W. 02/24/14

Very personal and fun gift! Definitely spiced things up! ~Thank You!

~ Danelle O. 02/23/14

The gift was very much appreciated. Absolutely loved the choices I made to include in the coupon book and is very studiously planning on "cashing" them in. Thanks... Read more

~ Ramona H. 02/23/14

Great gift for my boyfriend on Valentine's Day. From the time I ordered it to when I got my coupon book in the mail, it surprised me with how fast it was. Great job! I will... Read more

~ Jane P. 02/23/14

It was great! High quality, great price. Will be using them again!

~ Christina I. 02/23/14

Great gift idea she loved it totally recommended!!

~ Kostas K. 02/22/14

The coupons arrived in a timely manner and the customer service was EXCELLENT! My boyfriend was so happy with the coupons, they were colorful and vibrant. I am very happy... Read more

~ M M. 02/22/14

WAY BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS!!!! Such a fun gift! And my boyfriend LOVED it:)))

~ Crazy G. 02/22/14

I LOVE my coupon book. It looks GREAT and my husband loved it for his Valentine's day gift. The book turned out to look just like online and better. I would definitely... Read more

~ Courtney . 02/21/14

I loved this gift for my boyfriend it was personal and cute and he enjoys them as well.

~ Yesenia . 02/21/14

My boyfriend loved the coupons! He thought they were cute, fun, and creative and I most definitely enjoyed making them!

~ Drea V. 02/21/14

Thank you so much!! I was going out-of-town for Valentine's Day and I ordered this last minute. Not only did it get there in time, but actually a day early. They loved it. I... Read more

~ Krista R. 02/21/14

Absolutely loved these! It was really fun to create a coupon book for my husband!. I couldn't believe how many pre-made options there are! The customization section was fun... Read more

~ Heather H. 02/21/14

The coupon book was awesome! I can't wait until some of the coupons are cashed in.

~ CHRISTIN S. 02/21/14

My fiance loved it! I just made this for him since we werent doing gifts this year and it was perfect! He has it sitting on his end table for easy access! Thank you so much... Read more

~ alyssa b. 02/21/14

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift idea. The service and delivery was great. The item came in just in time and my boyfriend loved it. Thanks so much

~ Galit O. 02/21/14

The book was great! Came quicker than estimate and was wonderful! I will definitely be using LoveCoups again!

~ Breanne R. 02/21/14

That was a really quick and easy way to make my other half happy! Thank you!

~ Anzhela s. 02/20/14

It went really well. He can't wait to collect on them.

~ Tricia L. 02/20/14

These coupons were the best idea ever! I gave them to my boyfriend for Valentine's Day and he absolutely loved them LoveCoups was also very understanding because the east... Read more

~ Samantha G. 02/20/14

My boyfriend really adored the little cute lookalikes of us! It's also great because I get to make the pages and activities as according to his interests and mine.

~ Jun O. 02/20/14

My boyfriend loved it! Especially after the initial figured out that the coupons were customized! He actually commented, "Hey, this looks like us!". It made the... Read more

~ Francis B. 02/20/14

Such a fun gift! Turned out great and husband loved it!

~ Diana G. 02/20/14

I gave it as a valentine's day gift to my boyfriend! He loved it!! He's already taking advantage of it. I think one of the beat parts is having us cartoonized in all the... Read more

~ Adriana S. 02/20/14

It was perfect! He loved the coupons and I loved that I could personalize them to relate to us

~ Melanie A. 02/20/14

Book was great! The customization was easy and unique. Definitely a hit!

~ Gina D. 02/20/14

I was very pleased with my experience with ! I love how you can customize the characters and put names, the different coupons ideas were all good, so much it... Read more

~ Kim B. 02/20/14

These were the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Only problem.... They're so damn cute you won't want to rip them!!! Lol

~ Teryn F. 02/20/14

I was pleasantly surprised at how well these coupons are made! I had a lot of fun making them and will have just as much fun using them! I'll definitely be recommending you... Read more

~ Brehan M. 02/20/14

Amazing!! The printing and delivery was flawless and he absolutely LOVED it! I would definitely make a book with lovecoups again!! Thank you!

~ Stephanie S. 02/20/14

Coupons turned out very cute. Very pleased!

~ Jenn M. 02/19/14

My boyfriend loved it! The coupons had him laughing and he found it incredibly cute. It was really easy to make it personal and intimate. I really enjoyed making my coupon... Read more

~ Michelle E. 02/19/14

He did not expect this gift and total surprise! He loved it!, Thank you Loecoup!

~ Katsuyo R. 02/19/14

My Partner absolutely loved it! He thought it was an awesome idea :) He wouldn't stop smiling. The quality is just awesome & delivery was fast!.. Thank you so much!

~ Michelle R. 02/19/14

My boyfriend loved the coupons. He loved the personalization aspect the most. They were very good quality. He even asked if you had something like this that he could create... Read more

~ Kesha B. 02/19/14

The service given by the employees was great. I will definitely shop here again in the future!

~ Ryann G. 02/19/14

I loved them, he loved them!!! Such a fun gift!

~ MELANIE Y. 02/19/14

I gave my husband a love coup for our anniversary..he absolutely loved it. His exact words were 'I didn't know you had this in you' meaning: he is usually the romantic one. I... Read more

~ Wendy Y. 02/19/14

Such an original gift! I was delighted with it, and my boyfriend couldn't stop smiling!

~ Katherine . 02/19/14

My boyfriend was so happy when I gave him his LoveCoups for Valentines Day. It wasn't just the content on the inside, it was the thought that was put in to making it. He... Read more

~ Emily F. 02/19/14

My husband loved these coupons. I incorporated a variety of them and he was pleasantly surprised and happy. Thanks again -- it was easy to order and a lot of fun picking... Read more

~ Cherie S. 02/19/14

Love Coups is the cutest gift idea. My husband loved his book of coupons and said he wishes he thought if this idea for me. The coupons came out crisp, clear and so cute.... Read more

~ Sarah K. 02/19/14

My husband thought the book was very cute, and loved the variety of coupons he can choose to use. It was a hit for Valentine's Day!

~ Chayse T. 02/19/14

This was a great experience. My husband was really touched and called his gift "very thoughtful"

~ Heather B. 02/19/14

Awesome, cute, personalized gift! Took all of the hard work out of it for me :)

~ Samantha P. 02/19/14

Fun to make and a cute personalized gift. The booklet is made of professional quality. Shipping was quick. I would order again.

~ KK E. 02/19/14

At first my Valentine looked a little confused...but once he flipped the book open and saw some of the adult themed coupons....that confused look turned into a huge smile!!!... Read more

~ Katie L. 02/19/14

My boyfriend looooves his coupon book! I'm still shocked at how incredible the coupon book came out. Very professional company, I recommend Lovecoups to everyone!

~ Mariana P. 02/18/14

I loved it n he did especially wink wink. I was so suprised n how much it really looked like us lol. Thanks. ..

~ Glenna H. 02/18/14

He loves it! Best gift to give anyone. I recommend to anyone

~ Maribel Z. 02/18/14

My hubby loved the coupons. It was a lot of fun and outside the normal gifts we receive,

~ Nikki H. 02/18/14

I made these for our first Valentine's Day together and she absolutely loved them! We are keeping them and marking them off as we complete each coupon this coming year.

~ Stephanie H. 02/18/14

Loved it!!! Super cute idea!!

~ Kate S. 02/18/14

This year my wife and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. I wanted to give her something unique and special for Valentines Day. LoveCoups hit the mark! My... Read more

~ Kevin K. 02/18/14

He absolutely loved them. He was amazed at how customized they were. I was able to put in places that are special just to us!

~ suzanne l. 02/18/14

I am very pleased with how my coupons turned out. They look great and shipping was quick, they arrived faster than the estimated time.

~ Amber K. 02/18/14

I received my custom coupon book earlier than expected. The quality is excellent, nice glossy pages on heavier weight stock. Very well made, looks just like the pages did... Read more

~ Karen C. 02/18/14

My boyfriend loved the coupons! He thought it was very creative & definitely intends to use every one of them!!

~ Stacey V. 02/18/14

Really excellent product. Vibrant colors and very good and very funny illustrations. It was fun making up the coupons (switch the gender every now and then for a hysterical... Read more

~ Kurt B. 02/18/14

AWESOME! hilarious valentine's day gift

~ Abbie N. 02/18/14

My boyfriend loved his Valentine's day gift! It was so easy to make the book and I'm very happy with the results

~ Samantha S. 02/18/14

Love my LoveCoups! I got it for my mom and she absolutely loved it! She thought it was so funny that the characters looked like us and I know that she'll be using these... Read more

~ Sara S. 02/18/14

He said "best gift I've ever gotten!!" As a couple, we appreciate EXPERIENCES more than actual gifts. These coupons gave us the opportunity to do things together,... Read more

~ Carmen K. 02/18/14

The coupons arrived ahead of schedule and they are lovely. My boyfriend really enjoyed the surprise :-)

~ Tatiana D. 02/18/14

I loveddddddd my coupon book. I used it as a Valentines Day gift and it met all my expectations! It came it great & was a very cute and thoughtful gift to my boyfriend.... Read more

~ Cardiellea B. 02/18/14

He loves it! Great quality and so fun! Thank you!

~ Becca B. 02/17/14

The coupon book was better than I had expected. Great options to choose from so you don't have to have any duplicates. I'll definitely use this again for other celebrations.... Read more

~ Jordan . 02/17/14

Lovecoups was very fun and definitely worth the buy!!!

~ Dalia A. 02/17/14

It was a great Valentines Day gift...he loved it! He already redeemed one and I'm sure this weekend he'll redeem one of the more juicy ones. :)

~ Betty W. 02/17/14

I have a husband who has everything, and what he doesn't have he loves to shop and get. Giving gifts has always been difficult. But, thanks to LoveCoups, I was able to give... Read more

~ Angela P. 02/17/14

This was the perfect gift! He absolutely loved the coupon book! :)

~ Haylee O. 02/17/14

It was fun making the coupon book for my husband, and he loved it. I will definitely be using this site again and have already told a bunch of people about it.

~ Candace Q. 02/17/14

Every step in the process of making the coupon book was so much fun! There were so many creative options, there was something for everyone! The only tough part was only... Read more

~ Jess . 02/16/14

My boyfriend absolutely loved them. He said it was very thoughtful and he knew I put a lot of time into it. He also couldn't wait to start cashing them in!

~ Cynthia K. 02/16/14

I gave it to him for Valentine's day. He loved it, especially that the Avatars looked like us. He had a smile on his face with each coupon he read. Thanks for a unique gift!

~ Karen B. 02/16/14

It was great! My boyfriend loved it! I would totally reccomend this to any friend as a gift for their partner, friend, or family. It's such fun!

~ Linda R. 02/15/14

He was very surprised. He thought it was a unique gift and very creative. I love the texture and quality of the coupons.

~ Daphne G. 02/15/14

I wanted to give something unique this valentines. It was as much fun making the coupons as it has been using them :) them came just as seen online. It was a BIG hit!!! I... Read more

~ Uce O. 02/15/14

It was super easy and fun creating my LoveCoups. My husband loved them.

~ Julia B. 02/15/14

Lovelovelove this!! Cannot say enough good things about how it turned out. So fun, so personal, such a delight!!

~ Laurel Z. 02/14/14

My husband absolutely loved the LoveCoups that I gave him for Valentine's Day this year! The quality of the book, the ability to personalize with characters that looked like... Read more

~ Elizabeth V. 02/14/14

It was fun making the book it came quickly, and looks great!

~ Sarah . 02/13/14

The site was a breeze to navigate and love the concept. I've told all my friends and co.workers about your site. Valentine's Day is Friday so I haven't given him the coupon... Read more

~ Kristina D. 02/12/14

Arrived quickly and very nice quality and very cute! I haven't given them to him yet, but that will happen in a few days. I booked a vacation as his Valentines present and... Read more

~ Amy M. 02/12/14

Turned out great, will definitely recommend it to others!

~ Tracey L. 02/11/14

This was the perfect gift idea ever for my boyfriend for valentines day!

~ Jenny P. 02/11/14

My husband loved how the characters looked just like us. He kept chuckling as he read them. Said it was one of the best gifts he had gotten because I put thought into each... Read more

~ Kimberley Z. 02/11/14

Everything I expected still waiting to give them to my hubby for v-day but they are so cute and detailed.

~ Kimberly C. 02/11/14

My coupon book came in the mail... It looked AMAZING! I can't wait to give it to my boyfriend for valentines day. Being able to customize my book made it that much more... Read more

~ Cara C. 02/11/14

I loved them! They were great great quality! And my boyfriend also loved it!!!!

~ Kelsey . 02/11/14

Quality was great, and my boyfriend loved them! Definitely suggest this as a fun gift!

~ Bethany B. 02/11/14

So cute! The perfect customized gift for valentines day!

~ Heather R. 02/10/14

This site is awesome!! I've wanted to make these coupon before.. and well crafts and I don't really get along! This process was easy and the quality/product is great! I... Read more

~ stephanie s. 02/10/14

Great idea, very creative gift!

~ Maria V. 02/10/14

The book is super cute. It was alot of fun making the book. And I got the order super fast. I love it. Definitely going to order from here again for future presents.

~ Joanne L. 02/08/14

it was exactly what i wanted and i'm happy with it

~ Najah a. 02/08/14

Extremely pleased with my book. It was very easy to make and I love the fully customizable options. It's a surprise and pretty sure my boyfriend will be satisfied even... Read more

~ Nannika H. 02/06/14

My coupon book turned out fantastic! And the process of making it was so easy and fun! Definitely ordering more in the future for presents :)

~ Emily . 02/06/14

I am so excited to give him the coupon book! I love it and I think he will too!

~ Amanda A. 02/06/14

You guys ROCK!!! Ordered my coupon booklet and it was delivered in record time!!! We're having a great time "redeeming" all the coupons! ;)

~ Robin O. 02/05/14

I loved how the LoveCoups booklet came out ! Just what I hoped and expected ! Simple and easy to set up. Thank Guys ! You all rock ! :)

~ Karina G. 02/05/14

They are incredible. I love them <3

~ Stefanie . 02/05/14

Very easy to create, high quality product and very sure he will LOVE them!!

~ Amy M. 02/05/14

My husband love the coupon book I made for him! He thought it was so neat. I was also very pleased by the quality of the book!

~ Katie C. 02/04/14

Excellent she Loved It

~ patrick r. 02/04/14

I absolutely loved it! It came right on time it was so well put together I can't wait to give it to my boyfriend he's going to love it!!! Thank you!

~ Youwatie K. 02/04/14

I absolutely loved making this! It was super easy :) this is going to be my husband's valentines gift and I can't wait to give it to him! He quality is amazing. I will... Read more

~ Laura T. 02/04/14

Great gift. My husband LOVED it! We have had a LOT of fun with them. Very happy I made this purchase. I love that it is personalized.

~ Wendy J. 02/04/14

It was a big hit! I needed something special to complete the gifts I was giving my boyfriend. This was perfect!!!

~ Denise D. 02/03/14

I had an absolute blast making a coupon book. I found many of the coupons extremely relevant (though I did have to change a few of their wordings). Very few of my ideas were... Read more

~ Glenn M. 02/03/14

I was planning on making my own coupons and was searching online for ideas. I came across this site and just for fun, made the characters. After seeing just how cute and... Read more

~ Brittany . 01/31/14

I was very impressed and excited about the final product. I can't wait to give this to my girlfriend on valentines day. I know she will absolutely enjoy this! I would... Read more

~ Regan G. 01/31/14

This is a valentines gift for my husband, so he has not received it yet. I have looked it through, and LOVE it! It was so easy to make. I think he will love that it is... Read more

~ Natalya S. 01/30/14

The coupon book came out wonderfully! It was very cute and everything was printed correctly! Overall, an amazing product and would definitely recommend this site to anyone!

~ Lydia M. 01/30/14

He loved it! Thank you! So fun!

~ Deborah L. 01/29/14

There's so many awesome things I want to say about my coupon book that I ordered; and I wished I had time to say them all! But, over all this experience from building the... Read more

~ Victoria B. 01/29/14

The process was easy and simple. The product turned out very cute! My husband loved his gift!!

~ Tara M. 01/29/14

He loved them! ##

~ Angelica R. 01/29/14

He loved the coupons!

~ Brooke . 01/29/14

I love how my LoveCoups book came out and all the options for different coupons. It is a fantastic idea for someone like myself with 0 artistic ability. Such a great company... Read more

~ Kelsey R. 01/29/14

I adore my LoveCoups booklet! The photos and captions are adorable and made me smile while making the booklet. My recipient will open it on Valentine's Day and I can't wait... Read more

~ Angelica F. 01/28/14

I got this for my boyfriend for our anniversary and he absolutely loves it! He thinks the best thing is that the characters are customized to look like us. He likes the... Read more

~ Kathryn H. 01/28/14

It was a lot of fun making the coupons. They are a gift for my husband for Valentine's Day. It's a fun and unexpected gift so I think he will enjoy them. I would recommend... Read more

~ Sarah K. 01/24/14

I absolutely love how the coupons turned out. It was such a fun website & I had so much fun designing them. I love the way they turned out & how quickly I received... Read more

~ Nina H. 01/23/14

I got LoveCoups for my boyfriend for our first anniversary. He loved it! I will definitely be using LoveCoups again in the future!

~ Jasmyn S. 01/22/14

This is an amazing gift to give I made one for my bf and he loved it I am so happy I found this website

~ Liz M. 01/21/14

I gave my girlfriend a book of LoveCoups as part of her Christmas present - she loved them!

~ Parker K. 01/21/14

I bought a coupon book for my husband as a stocking stuffer. We were on a pretty tight budget this year, so it was one of about four presents he got this year - a machete and... Read more

~ Ashley D. 01/16/14

I was very pleased with the book. It is such a great gift idea for anyone and any occasion. The book cover and pages were printed very well and didn't look cheap at all. I... Read more

~ Shannon A. 01/15/14

I love my lovecoups! They were so easy and fun to make and even more fun to use.

~ Alana N. 01/15/14

I was certainly impressed with how it turned out! My husband loves it. It was pictured just how i thought it would of been. It was the perfect stocking stuffer. I would... Read more

~ Jessica B. 01/15/14

My girlfriend loves the coupons, so do I. LoveCoups is AWESOME!

~ David C. 01/14/14

I loved the personalization and uniqueness of this gift. My boyfriend was shocked and awed by the gift!

~ Molly V. 01/14/14

I ordered a coupon booklet as a stocking stuffer for my husband. When I received it, the quality of the book was better than I expected. I will be sure to order again.

~ Sabrina . 01/14/14

It was a great gift for my girlfriend. She loved it! Good quality too,

~ Thomas Y. 01/13/14

My husband asked for a coupon book for Christmas. I think he was expecting a pad of paper, he was absolutely thrilled with this from the images to the coupons. A definite... Read more

~ Aimee K. 01/13/14

I did this so easily, sitting on my couch one night, and the product was wonderful! I loved all of the options -- so many were so personally appropriate for my partner that... Read more

~ Leslie D. 01/13/14

Hi, it was really great! I gave this to my husband for his birthday and attached rangers tickets on the "sarah will take you to a hockey game" coupon and concert... Read more

~ Sarah S. 01/13/14

It went great! As a Christmas present, I gave a coupon book to my boyfriend of four years. He cried when he read the last one, 'let's fall in love again'! Thank you for the... Read more

~ Eden C. 01/13/14

Big smiles and some giggles as each was read! He felt sooo special.

~ Laura B. 01/13/14

I received my book in good timing and was able to give it to my boyfriend for Christmas. He absolutely loved them. Great product. Will be back in the future!

~ Kerri W. 01/13/14

Such a great gift idea! My boyfriend loved it!

~ Theresa P. 01/13/14

Excellent quality! This is a GREAT gift idea!

~ Amy M. 01/13/14

The Love Coups were a wonderful surprise for my fiancee! This is one of those perfect "just because" type of gifts. Flowers will die in a few days, but a book of... Read more

~ Jeff W. 01/12/14

My wife loved it. She keeps it close to her sewing table! It was easy and fun to get the people right. Great product

~ Steve D. 01/12/14

Met all expectations! The perfect little gift, my boyfriend really liked it.

~ noemi p. 01/12/14

Super fun and easy! The book was excellent quality! The wife loved her coupons!

~ Kolby D. 01/12/14

The coupon book was so fun to create and customize, and my bf loved it!

~ Katherine C. 01/12/14

My sweetheart LOVED his coupons! The quality of the surprised me! I will definitely be ordering again!!!

~ Darla P. 01/12/14

Great Website. Very easy to use and figure out. It makes for a really cute simple gift. Loved it. Would absolutely use this site again.

~ Alicia A. 01/12/14

The product was absolutely fantastic. She loved it and I will be ordering another love coupon book in the future!

~ Nathaly A. 01/12/14

My husband LOVED it! He couldn't wait to use them!

~ Kandi K. 01/12/14

This gift was awesome. I'm 3 years into a wonderful marriage but I was the new husband that didn't listen to the "don't outdo yourself" advice. I've boughten... Read more

~ Mike C. 01/12/14

I bought 2, one for my son and one for my husband. They both loved how similar the characters are to us and have each redeemed one coupon. Although it was a bit expensive for... Read more

~ Elizebeth M. 01/12/14

He absolutely loved them. They were his favorite Christmas gift! He was in awe at how much the people looked like us.

~ Erica J. 01/12/14

The coupon book turned out great. My wife really liked it and is enjoying using the coupons.

~ Jon L. 01/12/14

Loved this gift!!! Such a personal and special gift for someone you love!

~ Bethany J. 01/12/14

I purchased the coupons for my husband for our 30th Anniversary, which was yesterday. He can't wait until we get home so he can use them!

~ BETTY J. 01/12/14

My boyfriend LOVED this gift!! he is obsessed with the coupons and I'm so happy. its such a great gift that you can give to anyone important to you, and it has so many... Read more

~ Tatiana D. 01/12/14

Made one for my boyfriend, everyone loved it! My mom nearly burst out into tears saying it was the cutest gift idea ever!

~ Lexi W. 01/12/14

The quality of the paper, and pictures is fantastic. My husband loved them. It is a cute gift idea! I used mine for a stocking stuffer.

~ Laura H. 01/12/14

I have used LoveBooks online in the past and enjoyed creating presents for my husband. He loved the LoveCoups as well. They're a unique, fun and personalized gift. I highly... Read more

~ Amy K. 01/12/14

Also, Love Coupons are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, bringing Sexy Time back into your relationship, Christmas, and everything in between!