LoveCoups™ Testimonials

See what real users have said about using the LoveCoups™ system.

Wow fiance LOVED the coupons. Some were practical, some were things we used to love to do, and would give us a reason to respark memories, some were funny, some were inside jokes, and some were naughty. And, she loved them all. in fact, she used one the first weekend she had them. Thank you. I'll be back.

~ David W.


~ Manon D.

My wife absolutely love her gift! She thought it was adorable, funny, and she can’t wait to use them. Thank you!

~ Alex J.

Knowing him I wasn't 100% sure how he would react. Was he going to like It? Was he going to hate it. As it got closer to the delivery date I knew he was going to hate it. But the minute he got it he called me and said he loved it! He said that it was very special to him and he loved that it was personally made for him! I was so happy!

~ Malyn B.

My boyfriend loved the coupons and the fact that they were tailored to our activities as a couple. He was like a kid in a candy store as he read through each of the coupons. He loved the animated characters of us and thought it was just amazing.

~ Agatha S.

My boyfriend absolutely loved it! And so did everyone we showed. Such a cute idea!

~ Kayla S.

I had so much fun making this coupon book. I showed it to my friends and they loved it. One friend already ordered one. I am waiting for them to be redeemed.

~ Leslie H.

What an amazing product and thought for these coupons for your girlfriend, wife, etc. I gave one to my girlfriend and she loved it a lot, thought it was the cutest thing ever.

~ Alejandro R.

It was husband love the idea and coupons.. it provides the best service.. thanks again loveCoups... Very much recommend :)

~ Pooja h.

It was great... My husband love the idea and coupons to the core ... It has the best service.. thanks again loveCoups

~ Pooja h.

I actuallygive this to my boyfriend on Valentine....his face was priceless seeing him go through this coupon book

~ lydia f.

I give this to my boyfriend and he really was happy to have one of this coupon book. I will actually buy another one.

~ lydia A.

These are amazing!! Make such a lovely present and put a smile on my boyfriends face - thank you so much!!

~ Amy M.

A Valentine's Day to remember! This was a great idea and well received. Thank You!

~ Lynette M.

This was the absolute most perfect gift. My partner thought ot was fun and silly and a great way to show our love for each other.

~ Kristin J.

Delivery was prompt, just in time for Valentines day. Thank you so much. The BF loved them. He loved the fact that they were personalized lil us even more.

~ Nokkiz N.

I gave it to my partner for Valentine’s Day, she absolutely loved it! Said it was the most creative gift she’s ever received. So happy I did it!

~ Britney D.

Perfect. Just want I wanted. My husband loves them. Will definitely order again and recommend!

~ Hope W.

My boyfriend LOVED his coupons!! Especially the fact that they were animated versions of us and had such cute and funny facial expressions for each event.

~ Karli P.

It was super easy to make and turned out super cute! My boyfriend loved it!

~ Natalie P.

Making the coupon book was very easy and fun to make! There were so many coupon choices, the hardest part was decided which ones I did not want. It was delivered on time and my boyfriend loved it!

~ Jessie B.

Absolutely loved them! I will definitely be ordering more for other occasions. He also really enjoys them m, so that's a huge plus if you have a man who's hard to buy gifts for! I would definitely recommend these to my friends ! Love love love them!

~ Sophie T.

They were BEAUTIFUL and he LOVED them!!! Great fun and creative gift!!

~ Tirria .

My husband loved the coupons he laughed at the cartoon characters but couldn’t wait to use his coupons. He said it’s the best gift ever.

~ Roberta K.

This was such a great gift. He loved it! Easy to build and personalize. Quick shipping.

~ Cheryl F.

We unexpectedly got each other the same thing and we both loved it

~ Mauricio M.

My boyfriend absolutely loved these! He laughed and smiled as he read every single one. He jokingly asked if he could make 365 copies. I'd say they were a hit!

~ Melissa K.

This was the greatest valentines gift ever. So cute having the people match us and my boyfriend loved it!

~ Caroline O.

It was most likely the best gift I EVER gave my wife of 17 years!

~ Jason S.

My husband loved his coupon book. He loved the expressions on the cartoons faces and how they looked just like us. I love this unique gift.

~ Heather G.

I made these for my boyfriend for Valentines dat. He loved them! Said it was the most thoughtful gift he had ever gotten!

~ Sara D.

I totally recommend LoveCoups to anyone wanting an imaginative customised gift. Creating coupons is super easy and a lot of tun. Delivery was excellent, arriving ahead of schedule, and the finished product exceeded expectation. All in all a very pleasurable experience.

~ Julie D.

My boyfriend absolutely loved it! It was very well made and there were tons of options to choose from! This made for a perfect Valentine's day gift, thank you so much!

~ Kristin B.

I just received my coupon book and I love it! It’s nice quality, cute pictures, and I LOVE how much you can personalize them. It was fun to build and fun to get. I can’t wait to give it to him! Perfect gift for a hard to buy for person.

~ Kelly G.

Turned out great, my boyfriend loved them and said he wants to make copies because he loves them all

~ Kaitlin .

I LOVE the coupon book! I made this for my husband for our first wedding anniversary. He made use of a few of the coupons immediately. ;) I would definitely recommend this product. It’s such a fun way to create a very special, memorable gift.

~ Cynthia B.

This was so easy and inexpensive! I can't wait to give them to my boyfriend on Valentine's Day!!!

~ Sharon D.

My husband enjoyed them almost as much as I enjoyed creating them. They work great for helping Valentine's Day last longer then one day. Thanks!!

~ LeAnne S.

My boyfriend really loved the coupon book and we are excited to use it <3

~ Natalie R.


~ M B.

Amazing quality! My husband LOVED LoveCoups! Thank you!

~ Olivia H.

I loved doing that it was sooo fun! My boyfriend loved it!

~ Jhane L.

The grandparents loved it! Such a neat way to customize something especially for them. However, being able to add more than 2 people would've been nice to have made the gift from the grandkids and used their images instead of the grandparents.

~ Elisha A.

My boyfriend absolutely loved it. He’s excited to start using them! Thank you!

~ Kirsten K.

I have not given this to my loved one yet, but I LOVE it! I cannot wait to give it to him and see his reaction. You guys did great!

~ Kayla D.

I liked it very much! Very good quality!!

~ Casandra C.

So easy to do and so many personal options!!! my husband is going to love it and such a great idea for valentines and anytime after!!

~ Chelsee G.

This was so fun to create! I love how I could add my own personality to each page and really customize the booklet to fit our relationship! It was awesome!

~ Elisha A.

These were so cute! Came out just like it looked when I personalized it. I bought these for my husband for our first Valentines Day as a married couple. They are great! Definitely recommend!!

~ Monica C.

The overall experience was great. Had fun making our characters and choosing my coupons. Boyfriend loved the gift.

~ Kate .

Totally loved it. Very unique and perfect for our celebration

~ Jodi B.

I received the coupon book and it turned out so wonderful. Every page is very well done and the quality of the paper is great. I am waiting for February 14, Valentine's Day, to give it to my soulmate. I am sure he will love it just as he did the I Love You Because Book. Keep these wonderful editions coming. LoveCoups is fantastic, Thank you

~ Judy K.

OMG!! He loved it. It went so well, especially the part where the stick figures resembled us. I will definitely use this gift method in the future. I even shared the idea with my friends that were envious and asked about the site as well. Great creative idea. Thanks!

~ Maleya J.

it’s a very unique present! allows for customized pages/templates. i think it’s so cute, most definitely would recommend!!!

~ Trinnah L.

So easy to make and my hubby loved it!

~ Marissa R.

The LoveCoups was exactly what I expected. Quality, glossy print; everything was in order and arrived on time.

~ Ernie S.

My husband absolutely LOVED this!! He loved how personalized it was and the choices of coupons that were in the book. I loved making this!! It was incredibly easy and fun to make!! I also loved how you can personalize it and the abundance of choices to choose from as far as the different coupons. Totally recommend LoveCoups!!

~ Ashley H.

My boyfriend absolutely loved his coupon book. He thought that making the characters look like us was hilarious and didn't notice until the 3rd page.

~ Laura S.

I gave the coupon book as a Christmas gift to my boyfriend and he loved it! It was the best gift I could give him. I was kind of anxious that it took so long to get here, but it arrived just in time for Christmas day!

~ Karim G.

It was absolutely adorable! He loved it & thought it was super creative! Thank you.

~ Shelleen M.

They turned out great!!!!!! My boyfriend loved them, and really liked how personal they were. A great touch to go with the other Christmas gifts.

~ Alycia C.

My boyfriend absolutely loved it! Will definitely make another one

~ Andrea G.

My boyfriend loved it. Giving coupons is not a new gift idea but you guys, LoveCoups, make it a PERFECT gift. Fun and affordable. The fact that the characters look like us - which my boyfriend noticed right away - made it special. We are in a long distance relationship so it was great to be able to send him something on his special day. He looks forward to redeeming the coupons when we see each other after 7 weeks apart!

~ Angela M.

I made one for my boyfriend for our 6 year anniversary. He loved it and thought it was so unique and different! He’s excited to use the coupons!

~ Natalie G.

So easy and fun tot make!

~ Saloua E.

This is the best gift idea ever and I promise when it arrives it looks even better than you imagined it would. It's a great product, it's a fun gift, and it is made perfectly.

~ Alayna H.

This was the perfect gift!! He didn't want me to buy him anything for his birthday so when I gave him this booklet, he loved that I gave him so much without spending much at all. We've had a lot of fun using the coupons so far!

~ Erica R.

An awesome little something to surprise them with!

~ TA T.

My husband loved it and he's already redeemed three coupons!

~ Mary M.

It was fabulous! And as a last minute gift idea, production & shipping was super fast!

~ Alison H.

I loved it! I sent it to my long distance boyfriend (along with some cookies) and he loved it too!

~ Amara B.


~ Sharmeen R.

It came out amazing and i was very pleased with my order!

~ Evangelina O.

These coupons were very well made and came exactly as I designed.

~ Matt W.

He loves it! Surprised to hear that he likes how personalized they are

~ Emilie G.

Made a coupon book for some laughs and sure enough, it was a hit! This was very easy to make, tons of great options! I will for sure do it again!

~ Courtney B.

She cried when she opened it! Very pleased :-)

~ Catherine .

Really cute and well received - such a good idea!! Thank you!

~ Sky T.

Creating this book was fun and easy. Arrived earlier then expected and my husband loved the quirky little coupons I chose as well as the illustrations

~ Krista T.

Made the perfect birthday gift!!

~ Kandace G.

It was wonderful! He loved every single one of them and making the coupons was a smooth and easy process. Thanks LoveCoups!

~ Emily L.

I ordered a book and it arrived a few weeks later and I was so happy!! Love it such great quality, my partner is going to love it.

~ Cindy .

I loved it. Totally worth the money. So cute. The paper was great quality and the color was vibran. Thank you.

~ Cole B.

It was perfect! She absolutely loved it and it came on time, and was so cute.

~ Londae B.

Lovely idea, funny, well received and perfect for projects together.

~ Giovanna .

Booklet came out perfect! Such a fun gift! Shipping was quick

~ Brittany T.

Thank you so much for creating these wonderful Love coupons. I am so impressed with how unique and personal they are and the quality of art is amazing. I am so very pleased with this product!! I love it!!!!

~ Gina K.

My partner was really surprised to see himself and I on such a beautifully decorated coupons book. He found it really special to see personalized offers as well and appreciated them even more as they were made just for him.

~ Kathlyne L.

This coupon book for my love was absolutely perfect! The pages are nice and sturdy, the art is EXACTLY how it is when you're designing it, and the options for different adventures or coupon ideas is vast. Shipping was fast and cheap and I am so thrilled with this product. I will DEFINITELY be buying again. What an amazing idea!

~ Kelli M.

My boyfriend loved the booklet!

~ Monica .

I gave the LoveCoups to my boyfriend as a part of his Christmas gift and he LOVED THEM!! I was so pleased with the process and how well everything looked! It was exactly what it looked like online and I will definitely be using them again in the future!

~ Katrina C.

OOOOOOMMMMMGGGGG, you guys definitely outdid yourselves!!!! Your website is absolutely amazing & I've told all my friends about you!! ❤❤❤❤

~ Amber J.

My love coupons arrived just on time and it looked exactly as I had built it. I loved it and so did my boyfriend.

~ Chelsea .

It was amazing, so many coupons to choose from and you are able to edit them all

~ Amber P.

This was my bfs favorite favorite gift this Christmas. I loved being able to personalize every part of the coupon.

~ Christina P.

My boyfriend loved his coupon book! He loves it so much that he's not gonna rip out the coupons when he redeems them, so he can keep it for posteritys sake

~ Maddie T.

I made this book for my wife as a Christmas gift and she was blown away by the thoughtfulness and customization of it all. She couldn't believe I made such a detailed book that was so personalized to our lives and our silly slang. Needless to say, it was a huge hit and I bet she'll soon return the favor with a book for me!

~ Ben S.

This was my first time celebrating my boyfriend's birthday as we have been together for less than a year so I wanted to do something that we would remember later on. He loved it! It was quite special and he's been enjoying using the coupons :)

~ Ann-Lori D.

I enjoyed the whole experience. From building the personalized gifts; to seeing my loved one really really happy receiving them. Its certainly made our special day even more special and spectacular.

~ Mary C.

My husband loved the coupons! He was so excited. He had no idea what I was going to get him and he was thrilled by the creativity and personal touch. I am so glad I chose LoveCoups for his gift!

~ Cristin C.

This was so fun! My husband loved them :) We can be silly or sexy, which is always great! Thanks LoveCoups!

~ Becca G.

Had so much fun making it, and even more fun watching my husband receive ithe. He isn't a very emotional guy but I could tell he absolutely LOVED it too. He said it was the most unique gift he's ever gotten.

~ Amber .

I made the coupon book for my daughter and her boyfriend. we all loved it! The finished product is so cute and I will definitely do it again, what a great stocking stuffer!!!!! Love it and will share it with my friends!

~ Marcy M.

Loved it!

~ Leslie .

Great! My fiance loved them! Came in the mail quicker than expected!

~ Victoria E.

My Fiance loved it. I was able to make it the perfect balance between sweet and just a little kinky.

~ Chrisopher C.

My girlfriend loved it! Very simple to build with a great outcome

~ Taylor T.

My girlfriend absolutely loved this coupon book. We have a lot of fun headed our way with this! And we are definitely placing the used ones on a scrapbook for a memories sake. Such a wonderful idea altogether for any type of relationship, whether it be newly blossoming or experienced. Helps keep the fun between couples going.

~ Stacy M.

My boyfriend loved it! The look on his face was priceless. He smiled so hard I thought his face was going to break. I saw his face go from awe to laughing in the end. I'm very thankful to this website. It made it easy for me to pick out a quick and small, but great gift for my boyfriend.

~ April V.

My husband really loved them!

~ Marquitta M.

I was extreamly impressed with the quality of my coupon book. I am very pleased with the product and defiantly recommend it.

~ Desiree Z.

It was awesome! My husband loved it!

~ Mary P.

I loved making the coupon book and my boyfriend loved receiving it! We're enjoying the coupons together :)

~ Hillary W.

Had a lot of fun putting it all together and not to mention that my boyfriend loved it!!

~ Karla V.

Thank you very much for this great idea. My boyfriend was very surprised and happy! Also there are many great coupons to choose from, so you can make it individual! Furthermore it was said that it would arrive about 2 weeks later than it really did! So it was much earlier as told! So thank you, it is a very good product and service!

~ Hanna F.

He loved them!!!

~ Vittoria .

Loved this! Ive already got friends signing up!

~ Savvi J.

They turned out great! Loved them so much that I will probably make my kids each one for their stockings this Christmas!

~ Amie W.

The perfect little book!

~ Lauren O.

LOVE IT SO MUCH. I am still waiting for this Sunday to surprise my boyfriend with the coupon book I made! It makes a great extra gift (I'm giving him a big bundle of things) I am so happy I found this website it's so fun and cute.

~ Abby W.

It was better than expected. I got it for my boyfriends birthday and he loved it so much.he still talks about it weeks later. It's a good quality book with good quality pictures, and you can customize everything which makes it one of a kind. I'm gonna be getting lots more from here.

~ Megan T.

My husband had a good laugh; it was well worth the cost. Thanks!

~ Ani A.

The coupon book was perfect! My husband thought it was awesome that I was able to hand pick the coupons and customize them.

~ Stephanie O.

I had so much fun creating my coupon book, had an even better time giving it to my loved one and now very much enjoying how the coupons are being cashed in! All around fun experience. Thanks LoveCoups for helping me build the perfect gift for my boyfriend!

~ Roxy R.

This was adorable and super easy to do! I had a lot of fun creating it and it's actually helped with our "I don't care what do you want to do" date nights. We just pick up the book and flip the pages what ever it lands on is what we've been doing. I'll definitely order LoveCoups again!

~ Amy K.

Fiancé loved my gift! And can't wait to put the coupons to use.

~ Amaira H.

I stumbled across this website on Facebook, and I absolutely love it! The packages are user-friendly, and there are a variety of activities! My boyfriend loved his coupon book, and I am so glad I did this! Thank you LoveCoups :)

~ Taylor B.

My boyfriend absolutely loved this idea! Not to mention he loved the little cartoons of us.

~ Morgan H.

My fiancé loved it! She looked over each coupon very carefully, obviously planning a strategy 😁...she especially liked the naughty ones. Thanx for this great, unique gift idea. We love, love, love them!

~ Lia E.

I made a coupon book for my fiancé's birthday, he LOVED it!! He really loved the fact that the characters look like us.

~ Samara O.

He loved how personalized some of the coupons were. A very unique gift. Would recommend for anyone in a seroius long-term relationship.

~ Sue S.

He loved it very much, he said it was such an awesome present.

~ Jenifer A.

this is the cutest thing i have ever seen what a perfect gift, I couldn't be more happier with this product. I absolutely love it

~ tracy d.

I loved these! They are so cute and colorful. It's so much fun to customize the book so the characters resemble my boyfriend and I. He will be happy to receive this for our anniversary.

~ Cathy R.

My fiance LOVED his coupon book! We had the best time going through each coupon and now he wants to make me one. Such a fun experience!

~ Kaitlyn C.

My coupons turned out anazing! Making them was very easy and fun, but seeing his face when I gave them to him for anniversary was the best part.

~ Rebekah R.

These coupons have been fantastic, the website is excellent, the build of the books was very easy, the package arrived quickly and the quality is great.

~ Sivitrii S.

The coupons arrived sooner than the estimated delivery date. I loved that I could customize every aspect of it. The printing was very well done and the website is really easy to use. Would definitely order again!!

~ Mary L.

He loved the :) now he wants to make some for me!

~ Malory P.

He loved it! He got a little emotional, and he read every single one of the coupons, and kept looking for more. He thanked me a lot, and said that it was a wonderful, and creative gift that he loves.

~ Denyse L.

It turned out beautifully! My husband loves it so much he doesn't want to rip the coupons out of the book. Instead we are going to write a note on the back stating what it was used for and the date.

~ Rebekah L.

I had so much fun building my LoveCoups book. There were so many good choices I had a hard time deciding which ones to pick. Also my boyfriend loved the book. It was his favorite Anniversary present from me.

~ Mackenzie M.

This was the cutest gift I've ever given, and my fiance absolutely loved it!! It shipped just as expected and looked even better then I imagined it would! Definitely an amazing value too

~ Ally H.

Fantastic product made with love.

~ Sara G.

My boyfriend adored his LoveCoups! He thought it was really sweet and thoughtful. It was fun being able to customize so much to make it really personalized to our relationship. I highly recommend these for ANY reason you can think of.

~ Jill J.

High quality and very adorable. The price is amazing and shipment is super fast. My husband asked if he could use them all in one day. Will order again! :)

~ Linsie S.

He loved it

~ Christina G.

I love the designs and the idea. Great idea for a gift!

~ Rosalie R.

I got LoveCoups as a birthday gift for my honey and he loved it! I really enjoyed the customization and variety of the coupons available so that it really was about our life together and not some generic run-of-the-mill coupon book that you'd see at a novelty shop.

~ Kristina N.

My boyfriend loved his lovecoups

~ Caitlyn M.

I loved the the idea of a coupon book. I wanted to compose a gift that was meaningful and personal... The coupon book I created was exactly that. I was able to create characters who actually looked like us because the site offers so many choices on characteristics and scenes. Each page can be customized to your own words, so your pages are even more personal. The book arrived on schedule and I was so pleased by the professional quality of the book. If you are looking for a memorable, personal and high quality gift, I DEFINITELY recommend LoveCoups.

~ Jess R.

Love love love the coupon book. I bought it for an anniversary gift for my husband, and I cant wait to give it to him

~ Melissa C.

Hi - My husband enjoyed his book. It was a different kind of gift for us. I gave it to him when he returned from a 8 month deployment. So it was great and funny icebreaker!! The quality is amazing. He can't wait to use the coupons! Thank you again - Ashley Grant

~ Ashley G.

It was her favorite gift 😉

~ Aurora H.

Making my LoveCoups booklet was super easy and user-friendly and my boyfriend almost cried when he got it! (And he's not a crier.) It was really perfect and sweet :)

~ Kelsey H.

Very awesome!!! Awesome experience and very easy to work!!!

~ Jessica G.

My husband absolutely loved the coupons! He thought it was so thoughtful!

~ Erin O.

Everything worked perfectly and the final result was great!

~ Gabriel F.

Loved it hope he uses it!

~ Karen L.

It was an amazing gift. My girlfriend loved it! Recommend should buy at least once. Fun and customizable.

~ Michael H.

The process was simple and fun. Delivered quickly. And the coupon book was good quality. My fiance loved it!

~ Loreal J.

Absolutely loved it! They come out so great!! Definitely recommend..

~ Alyssa M.

This was a gift for Valentine's Day for my husband. He absolutely loved it! Thank you very much 😊

~ Amanda W.

Great product and looked just as I expected. Fast delivery.

~ Karena L.

The quality is amazing! Love, love, love!!!!

~ Jennifer P.

This is the cutest gift for my husband of one year! The caricatures I created are so much like us, the choice of coupons very innovative, and the color/value was great. I will definitely use you gain and others that Ave seen the book have been very impressed.

~ Sheila M.

The coupon book that I created turned out well. I will be giving it to my wife in a couple weeks. She will be so surprised and will without a question of doubt love it.

~ Jim E.

Very cute gift! Something different and fun :)

~ Alicia H.

I love them , but haven't given it to my husband yet because it is a gift for our 25th wedding anniversary ( Oct.6th) . Thank you very much!

~ lisa e.

I purchased one the perfect custom coupon book for my husband. The variety of coupons you have to choose from is amazing! It was hard to just pick 20. My husband loves it! He was so surprised at how personalized it was from the wording, to the customize characters that I made look like us. Great quality, fast shipping! I would definitely buy from here again.

~ Danielle K.

My boyfriend loved it :) it was super cute!!

~ Gabriella J.

My girlfriend absolutely loved it! Huge homerun. Thank you

~ John L.

First all of my building experience was fun, having to create a character that looks like me and my Spouse. I've never done that before so it was something new for me that I enjoyed doing a lot because my gift was customized with creativity, fun, and love. When it arrived it looked just the way I imagine it lovely!! My spouse loved it and he was as amaized as I was and he kept asking how I did it and where, he really liked it and we started using the coupons the same day of his birthday when I gave it to him. Also the staff involved in the process of making sure they deliver a great experience for you is on point, one email away and they attend to the customer needs in a timely manner which I loved when I made a mistake with my book and asked for help, they went above and beyond to help me and ensure my book came out they way I wanted even thought the website tells you to make sure you check the coupons you are printing before you submitted because they don't check your coupons just print it. So I really appreciate all the fast help I got and thanks to that my gift was awesome and I'm definitely ordering some more in a near future! :)

~ Isis P.

Lol. It was amazing she loved it. Said it was highly unique. Thanks

~ Julian J.

Better than expected! Awesome.

~ John C.

I'm in LOVE with LoveCoups! My customized coupon book was perfect and my boyfriend absolutely adored the sentiment and personalization of it all. Ordered with ease and shipped fast. Will definitely shop here again!!

~ Alex M.

I loved how the coupons turned out. Beyond my expectations! Definitely will be back!

~ Jessica D.

Building and customizing was easy and fun. I checked other websites.2 but none were as simple and cool as lovecoups.

~ Brian W.

He thought it was very thoughtful, the characters we hysterical. Immediately pulled out a coupon and asked if we can use it.

~ Karina G.

I love how fast my order came! The coupon book arrived fast and the biding is super beautiful! I cant wait to give them to my partner for out anniversary!!

~ Priscella M.

What a wonderful product ! Fast, fun and inexpensive .....

~ Ralph E.

Got a coupon book for my partner for his birthday, he loved it! Most amazing thing I've found on the Internet. Will be coming back for more 😅😀

~ Celina W.

Awesome gift one could ever think of.. Thanks lovecoups for your innovative idea amd help during my work...this gift is so close to my heart... A small gift with so many feelings to cherish on.

~ Yug J.

It was a birthday gift and he absolutely loved it! will definitely use again

~ Bella B.

Great customer service, I miss-wrote my address and send them a message, the next day problem solved ! The coupons itself are in a refined paper and the colors are poppin' ! You guys made a happy couple thx !! From a happy customer, have a great day guys !

~ Ariane N.

This met my expectations 100% and my husband loved it!

~ Taylor P.

They loved it! Totally unique and simple! Shipping was far faster than I had ever imagined! Loved!

~ Megan C.

This was the absolute cutest anniversary gift. He loved it almost as much as I loved making it. I'm so happy and will certainly be getting more for other people!

~ Olivia R.

Superb quality. The printing of the coupons way surpasses the expectations that I had set. The colors are very vivid and the weight of the paper is very nice. Great overall experience and I will definitely be making more custom sets.

~ Richard H.

My wife loved it!!

~ thomas p.

I had a great time building my book and it turned out great, and arrived in a very timely manner.

~ Stacie G.

Great gift he loved getting the coupons.

~ Bri m.

My Boyfriend was amazed to receive this as a Bday gift. I loved how you can personalize this with the characters. Lots of coupon choices.

~ Kendra C.

My coupons turned out great !

~ Stephanie .

Got the booklet for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it!!! It's definitely and great unexpected fun gift to give.

~ Crystal B.

Love the personalized book. Such a great gift! Your customer service is excellent!

~ Billie C.

It was great he loved it! Very cute and worth every penny. I loved the way it turned out!

~ Salena V.

love it! super cute idea.

~ Brandy K.

Loved the book i got my husband. He loved it too.

~ Jennifer M.

I got major points from my wife!! Thanks!!

~ Micah H.

She absolutely loved the coupon book! I will use site again to make another coupon book. Love the personalization of the books.

~ gee .

My boyfriend loved the present. Funny & thoughtful, everyone though it was a great gift!

~ alyson c.

Great product and quality was very good. The surprise was well worth the cost. I will be back to buy more. Thanks

~ James A.

I was incredibly happy with the high quality of my product it looks fab!

~ Sian H.

She absolutely loved it.she said it was the best gift she has ever gotten.

~ Shane M.

Great service! She loved the coupons! :) We're currently in a long distance relationship but planing to move closer in the summer so this is a great way of looking forward to all we'll do together!

~ Duncan L.

I loved it so much, and so did my boyfriend. Exactly how it looks online, even more precious in person. Plan on getting another one soon!

~ Anita M.

The coupons are an anniversary gift which is not until next month. The quiz book for couples we are enjoying.

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LoveCoups was such a fun and brilliantly interactive way for me to give a heartfelt gift to my boyfriend. I thoroughly enjoyed customizing each page and was so excited to give it to him. He loved looking through and reading each one. I was proud of the gift I gave to him because it is a product of good quality and I got to add a personal touch to it. We will enjoy LoveCoups again and again, each time he "redeems" one of the coupons.

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Absolutely wonderful! My husband loved them! Making the coupon book was very simple and enjoyable. The only criticism is I wish this web site was a little easier to find.

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My boyfriend loved them and wanted to start cashing the coupons straight away. The pictures made him laugh out loud.

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They look great!

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My wife LOVED the coupon book- and so did I !!!

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My boyfriend loved it!!!!

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My long distance boyfriend absolutely loved it! Each time he uses a coupon, we take a picture and we collect the both in our long distance journal for memories.

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Best Valentine gift ever

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Everything looks nice and the characters are very well detailed. Haven't given it to my sweetheart yet as I am waiting for our wedding day.

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I customized 20 coupons as a Valentines Day gift for my boyfriend. They turned out FANTASTIC! The quality exceeded my expectations!

~ Michelle .

Was unable to get a flight to see my girlfriend on valentine's day, so I had to make it up somehow. I stumbled across lovecoups and had a fun time making a personal coupon book. International shipping was excellent and made it on time for valentines. I would certainly recommend the coupon book as you can reflect on your relationship and display it in the form of funny cartoon characters along with witty captions

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I love LoveCoups! It was so much fun to personalize the coupon book and the website was very user friendly. I was really impressed with the quality once I received it in the mail. Very happy and satisfied! Thanks!

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It was a great gift, well made, fast shipping! They loved it! She thought it was the cutest thing, very cool, and original! I recommend this to anyone thinking about getting someone this coupon book!

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The coupon book was a gift to my fiancé on Valentines Day. I had so much fun creating the book, the make the characters look just like us!!! We laughed when he opened it because it was so cute and original. I picked the coupons, knowing that he would love each one!!! I also created a puzzle pic. I chose pics of when we went to turned out great and we loved it!!! I couldn't have picked a better gift!!!! My shipment came so fast, I couldn't believe it!!! LoveCoups is AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

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I was thrilled with LoveCoups; the color and quality was great.

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I am very happy with the coupon book. There were so many selections to choose from and the self designed little characters are so cute! Definitely would recommend this product and will probably use it again,

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The coupons turned out beautifully - a very professional looking end product. My husband was surprised at how much the characters truly resembled us. A truly fun gift!

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such a fun idea and they absolutely loved it!

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Excellent present for Valentines Day

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Lots of fun to personalize with many options to choose from. My boyfriend thought this was a really great, unique Valentines Day idea in lieu of the typical sappy gift.

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Itit was a fun way to give my fiancée a valentine. Something different and unique. The selections was really good for ideas.

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Reareally enjoyed receiving these coupons!!!!!!

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My boyfriend absolutely LOVED the coupon book I created for him for Valentine's Day! He thought the cartoon version of us was spot on too!! We can't wait to redeem the coupons! Thank you!

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Such a great book! Was surprised by the richness of the colors, and very happy with it!,

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This coupon book was perfect! Great product!

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Came earlier than I thought and it was amazing quality.

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I ordered the LoveCoups booklet for my husband as a Valentine's gift. I love how many different options there were to choose from for the coupons, & I like the quality of each one. It looks exactly how I made it online, & it's absolutely adorable! He loved it! One thing I'd love to see is to adjust the characters expressions & positions, giving it even more customization. I absolutely love this & would definitely purchase again!

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Best Valentine's Day present I have ever given! I scored major brownie points with my guy

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My husband loved these coupon book! It made for a very unique and personal valentines gift!

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Best gift in 10 yrs! My wife and I have been together 20 yrs and it gets difficult finding cool gifts. Finding your site was a lifesaver! Not only was the initial reaction priceless but the fact it's a gift that keeps on giving makes it even better. She loved the personalization and could tell a lot of thought went into the book. Thanks again !

~ Gerald .

it was absolutely perfect. My bf enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

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I I had a lot of fun customizing this for my husband. I got the idea because we always have such a hard time picking dinner or movies and the joke was made that ne needed coupons for me to pick so I made some! And then used the templates to do the rest. It was really a lot of fun and he absolutely loves it!

~ Brittany H.

All went great, My wife was ver pleased and surprized at the toughtfulness I put into the gift.

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I loved it ! Perfectly done. Very professional

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YES to this company! Long story short, the mailman delivered my package the day after a major snow storm and just dropped the envelope in a giant snow mound that completely soaked my adorable coupon book. This was a week before Valentine's Day. I contacted this company to see if they could help me out and they went above and beyond in their customer service! I am so impressed with not only their service but the finished product as well. LoveCoups, thank you, you have a customer for life!

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It was a great gift. I got the coupon for Valentines day and I couldn't be happier with her reaction or how the book turned out!

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So easy to use and adorable!

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This was a great idea! I have made my own coupons in the past but the art, making the people look like you/mate was awesome! I will be back again every time I need a coupon book. He loved it!

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I loved making it and what a fun thing to give. I will certainly do it again.

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Fabulous product and fast shipping. Couldn't have been a better experience. Will definitely order again.

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I made a Valentine's Day LoveCoups book, and it turned out better than I could have imagined! What an easy, yet creative gift idea! The software LoveCoups has in place to build your characters is really awesome, and has so many options to choose from. I can't wait to give it to my boyfriend..... and can't wait to try out another LoveCoups book in the future!

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This experience was great! The person who received this gift was estatic. He was really impressed with the gift (esp the way you can make the characters look like you.)

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It arrived before expected... Reaction was priceless! And if you want to make anyone feel the most special in the world, this is for you! Loved it! Thanks a lot!

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the service was exceptionally quick and the coupon booklet was just as ordered. This is an excellent gift for that special person

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Great idea, very creative and lots of fun. my husband loved this little gift. and we are very much enjoying playing with it. Thank you, fabulous idea!

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My partner loves it, great fun to use these coupons~!

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I very much enjoyed the making of these coupons. I thought it was so cool that I was able to personalize our characters. The coupons came in a very timely fashion... Now I have to wait till Feb 14th to give them to him... (I'm not very good at keeping surprises a secret ;) Thanks again LoveCoups!

~ Sandy V.

The coupons turned out great! I haven't given them as a gift yet, but I know he will love them! I am planning to give them as a Valentines gift!

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Absoutely LOVED the coupon book. The process from the beginning to end was easy and so much fun. From getting to create you and your person to picking the coupons to use. I totally loved the choices of coupons that were available as well as the pictures associated with each! I had so much fun picking them out. I also was able to edit the writing for any coupon I wanted which gave me more opinions to personalize the coupon book for me and my boyfriend. Would definitely recommend this. It was a lot of fun to do and I'm sure my boyfriend will love it. (Valentine's day gift)

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My wife loved them! Her first statement about it was "Hey that's us" from the characters of the cover! Big hit!

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I enjoyed it a lot! Lots of giggling and smiles went into making it! I would do it again;)

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Loved it !!!!! Thought it was so special because I took the time to make it, It was fun to make , brought back memories when I was a kid I made something similar for Father's Day and Mother's Day , Great gift Idea .

~ Giavanna P.

I had given the coupon booklet as part of a birthday gift for my husband. And while he hasn't received it yet as he's in the military and I had to post it to him, I had page through it and I LOVE it. It was so much fun to create too.

~ Melissa F.

When my boyfriend and I go on vacation I always bring some type of personalized "gift" for him. I googled in personalized unique gifts and your site came up. What a fun idea. This was so different than what I usually do. I decided to go with some of the "18 and over" coupons and they were hysterical. I will be sure to pass your site on to my friends. Thanks so much

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This book was so easy to build and it was so customizable. I absolutely loved the way it turned out and I would definitely make one again!

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It was awesome! I haven't given it to him yet but the quality is great and I'm very satisfied with the product. Thank you!

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I was thinking of something cute to add to the gifts that I got for my boyfriend for Christmas and happened upon this site. The process of making the book was actually fun and enjoyable! My boyfriend loved his coupon book and can't wait to use it, he even said he's going to make me one!

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My boyfriend and I decided to exchange Christmas gifts until I returned from a trip to New York on December 28th and I asked him to open the smallest package first which were the Love first glance he smiled and looked at me and said what is this? I said open it, so he began to read and look at each picture on each coupon. The more he turned, the more tears rolled down his face and by the time we got to the end of the book... he had tears rolling down his face and he was laughing at the same time. He was speechless! He gave me a huge hug and kiss and said it was the most unique and special gift that he'd ever been given and he couldn't wait to use it. Thank you so much... this was really a special gift and I enjoyed making it for him. <3

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HE thought they were great!! Definitely an out of the box thinking type of gift. He wants to use them but he doesnt want to USE them meaning tear them out! He wants to keep them as a keepsake. So great job LoveCoups!! I showed my coworkers to see what they thought before giving them to him & they were a hit with everyone! Thanks again!!

~ Tan T.

Love Coupons turned out really nice! My husband enjoyed them. Thanks.

~ Tiffany J.

I have my boyfriend a LoveCoups book for Christmas and he absolutely loved it. He opened it and was sirprised to see that I added in some of the activities that I usually say I won't do. I'm waiting for him to use one, but he absolutely loves it and it came out absolutely beautiful.

~ Alexis T.

A creative and personal way to give my girlfriend a romantic surprise, she loved it!

~ Sam H.

My boyfriend loved it!!!! Thank you so much! Our daughter asked for me to make one for her as well! She is only 6 yrs old and wanted a couple of her and her parents. :) Thank you all again!

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Was a gift and my wife loved it. Great way to personalize a gift and a great excuse to book some together time.

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Loved them...and he loved them more! Could not have been better put together. Making images of ourselves was was loads of fun. Thanks and I will be back!

~ gwen e.

OMG THIS WENT SO WELL BLEW HER MIND. I would recommend doing this to everyone

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The coupon book and mug were a hit! A personalized gift is always the best gift for that someone special!

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The coupon book was a big hit with my wife. It made for a great stocking stuffer. We both had some good laughs on a few of the more "adult" coupons.. The delivery was right on time for Christmas!

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My LoveCoups came out great! Looks great and he loved it!

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My wife said it was the best present of all, and especially liked how the cartoons looked like us. Thank you!

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Great gift idea! East to make, fast shipping, and looks great!

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Awesome! Even better then I expected this definitely won't be the last time I do business with you guys!

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This is by far the cutest thing ever! The quality was sooo amazing and the options for the characters were perfect. I will definitely be using this website again! My boyfriend loved this and couldn't help laughing the entire time reading the cute comments. Thank you!

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~ Tiffany .

I loved the booklet it was very colorful and really sweet something you could really tell was from the heart.

~ Eve G.

I was searching Google for cute little tips on making and giving love coupons, and I came across The customization was fun, and I was highly impressed when I received the completed book. My husband loved his LoveCoups book, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a custom gift, especially romantic, although I did also make one for my mom that obviously didn't include the naughty stuff that was in the one I made for my husband.

~ K M.

My fiancé loved the coupons!! It is a great gift idea :)!

~ Babi S.

It went really well. Nic, my boyfriend, loved his LoveCoups coupon book. It's been 2 weeks and hes already used a few... definitely getting more. I also love that it is a great quality, looked super professional, and before check out there are 2 times I had to proof read the book which helped me find any mistakes.

~ kimberley b.

I love how everything turned out I am so happy and will use again. Only thing is I wish there were non romantic options for kids or gifts for friends and it could be from more than one person then it would be a 10

~ Anya S.

I had fun customizing my book! I liked that there were pre-made coupons to choose from, but that I could still change the wording if I wish. The coupons haven't been used yet but my sweetheart will love them when he sees them Christmas morning. Thank you so much!

~ Stephanie H.

Absolutely love it!

~ Ashley W.

The coupon books were adorable! I loved how professional it looked as well as the many options of individual coupons you could choose to include in your book.

~ Emily P.

My boyfriend absolutely LOVED this gift. He was mostly distracted by the fact that the character looked exactly like him, but once he got past that, really liked the idea that the coupons could be customized for our relationship. It was the perfect back to school gift for him!

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First of all I loved how professional and amazing the book looked. My boyfriend absolutely loved it and had wide eyes the second he saw it. He even tried to use one that day!! Absolutely love this gift and would recommend someone to buy it!!! Totally worth it!!!!!!

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Great quality, fast delivery, and amazing accuracy. I received the best service I must say. Thank you

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Being apart of the LGBT community, this website wins hands down every time above the competition! Not only do you get to customize the characters to look like you and your partner, but it allows you to create 2 women or 2 men for LGBT couples. There are lots of unique and fun coupons to choose from. Brilliant business idea and execution!! I will use LoveCoups for years and years to come. Thank you!

~ Kelli J.

My coupon booklet was so easy to make and personalize. The characters look just like my boyfriend and I. The final product is professional and very well done- I am thoroughly impressed!

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I have not given it to my partner yet as it is a christmas present. However I was very pleased with my purchase! Great quality and fast international delivery! I would definitely consider buying more products from the same company! So glad I found this website - all my googling definitely paid off! Thank you very much.

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I got this for my boyfriends birthday and he absolutely loved it! He thought it was the cutest thing ever!!! :))

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I can not WAIT to give these coupons to my bf. They are soooo unique!

~ Destiny S.

I had so much fun this morning creating a book for my husband, I was laughing the whole time and was emailing friends at the same time. I hope, fingers crossed it comes before the 25th!!!!

~ Krista S.

Easy and very fun to make. A great idea! I received in good time and it looks good, as expected. Can't wait to offer it for Xmas.

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Print is perfect. Fast shipping.

~ kelsey b.

It was lots of fun!

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It was utterly sweet 😘

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Not only did my order come in quickly but, it was beyond my expectations! The pictures were so clear and glossy, I'll definitely be ordering again :)

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Best gift I've given my boyfriend so far!

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my boyfriend loved the coupons....Thank you very much lovecoups

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Amazing website and idea!! My husband was floored by the creativity and graphics. Will recommend to all!!

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better than expected! my boyfriend loved it! will be ordering again!

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Love it! Such an adorable idea and they came out better than I imagined!

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This is a great and creative present to give someone an everlasting gift! It's printed on high quality paper so it doesn't get damaged in any way! The delivery was quick (especially to Australia) and I highly recommend this coupon book to anyone!! :)

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Great product!!!! I laugh a little every time I see those cartoon versions of my boyfriend and I. At the same time it really is meaningful and a personal gift from the heart! I won't give it to him until xmas, but I am pleased.

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Fun and simple, quick delivery. All I wanted in creating a gift for my boyfriend last minute. And he loved it!

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Item was better than expected... great gift would purchase again :)

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Love it! Great little stocking filler! I loved how book turned out!

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Best custom coupon website on the internet. Great graphics, great experience and easy navigating the site.

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I made this for my husband for our anniversary. He thought they were great and wants to redeem the "Get out of the doghouse free" card more than He only gets once! :) They were cute. They were fun. They were original and he loved that the pictures looked like us.

~ Virginia A.

I love it! It's ssooo cute! I haven't given it to my hubby yet because it's going to be a socking stuffer! but it's prefect! Thank you soon much! Oh and I'm so happy I got it in about a week that's it! Super fast I'm super happy! It's awesone!

~ Holly C.

He loved them. He's putting them to good use. He's enjoying them so much that He says that He's planning to get me some. Can't wait!!! Thanx LoveCoups

~ Sharaka A.

Love the coupons! Can't wait to give them as a Christmas gift for hubbie.

~ Susan R.

Showed them to my girlfriend and she is making some for her boyfriend as well.

~ Marlene M.

A big hit! Perfect gift when you're not sure what to get.

~ Diana D.

Love it! Came out perfect. I know my boyfriend will love it

~ Denise U.

Love them. It is creative and I love the quality of the product as well. I look forward to make a few more for different occasion to come with this website. Good job!

~ May S.

I was so happy with my coups!! I got them super fast. They came two days after I ordered them and they looked amazing!!

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Incredible quality and user friendly process.

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Loved it, will be getting more!

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Best birthday present I have ever got my girlfriend!

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I loved the fun experience of building the book and characters. I was very impressed at the fast delivery to the UK and the recipient loved the book too.

~ Kerry S.

Went great! I have a lot of chores ahead of me. :-(

~ Christopher E.

Loves it!!

~ Kendra H.

This was fun to customize and create. I loved the finished product and the recipient thought this was the best gift ever!

~ Tracy L.

I made a coupon book for my boyfriend's birthday. He loved them! We both enjoyed a good laugh looking at our little characters doing all the activities. I can't wait for him to start cashing them in! The real fun is still to come!

~ Kimberly L.

The coupon book was exactly what I was looking for. It was easy to navigate the web site and I received my order quickly. It was a wonderful experience!

~ Belinda Q.

The book was very easy to create and the text was easy to adjust. The quality and look and feel of the coupons is very professional. My boyfriend loved it! The fact that you can create yourself and the receiver and these figures are on each coupon makes it even more fun.

~ Nazima A.

This was an amazing service, designing the book was fun and easy and being in the UK I wasn't expecting delivery for about a month but it arrived within a few days. Very pleased with the overall product and will definitely be buying again!

~ Nikita M.

Wonderful. Great and creative idea. My husband loved it.

~ Carmella .

He loved it great ideas

~ Kateryna S.

He loves it. Thought it was very cute. A great gift for our traditional paper anniversary :-)

~ Heather W.

My girlfriend was absolutely ecstatic over this book! I considered making the coupons myself but LoveCoups allowed MANY possibilities of customization, this was a no brainer. In her words: "I love the book so much I don't want to rip out the coupons."

~ Brendan S.

I created a love coupon book for my husband for our first year anniversary and he loved them!! He is hard to get gifts for but he was thrilled with these! The coupons were really cute and looked fabulous with really good quality printing I felt good about giving them too!

~ Teresa R.

My wife loved them. It was such a simple and easy way to create a custom gift.

~ Kendall N.

Great idea, great execution! Loved the opportunity to build your own characters! Thank you!

~ Anna S.

They were perfect!!! My girlfriend loves them!!

~ Chasity S.

Very pleased with this purchase. The quality of the product is impressive. It was purchased as a Christmas gift and I am excited to see what the recipient thinks. I highly recommend making purchases from this company.

~ Paula P.

Made them for my boyfriend and he loved them. The experience was so easy to make tham and was fun picking out all the coupons. I can see myself using them for all kinds of holidays. Thanks

~ Linda .

The book looked way better then I expected!! :)

~ Larissa W.

I gave my boyfriend his lovecoups book yesterday for his birthday and he loved it! :)

~ Stephanie M.

was too cute, boyfriend LOVED it :) thanks so much for the fast delivery and professional quality booklet!!!

~ Emily M.

I gave the coupon booklet to my husband for his birthday and he loved it. He has already redeemed a couple of them. Thanks for the experience.

~ Armetra G.

My husband loved it! The characters looked just like us and the categories to choose from were hilarious!

~ Kara W.

Such a great and fun idea. I love it. Can't wait to give it to my boyfriend and I'll be back in the future to make other gifts!

~ Kathleen R.

I loved it!! It was the perfect gift. My boyfriend loved did, its easy fun and personal.

~ pilar i.

He loved it! Cutest gift idea ever! There are some coupons that I'm even excited for him to cash in! Thanks!!

~ Cassandre M.

Wonderful! These were a birthday present for my boyfriend, and he adored them!

~ Shannon P.

Your Coupon Booklet was a hit! My wife LOVED it and got a kick out of the designs and themes. The customization was perfect. I'm glad I found your site and I'll be back again!

~ Carlos R.

My husband loved this playful gift and can't wait to cash in his coupons!

~ Christina W.

My fiance loved the book. Especially since I only see here on weekends while she is finishing college. It was something that came during the week and made her heart melt. Thanks!

~ Christian D.

Was absolutely fun to create, very nice, shipped quickly, and was very nicely printed. Loved it and so did the recipient! Thank you

~ Shay S.

She was very surprised and extremely happy to receive her coupon booklet. She definitely enjoyed looking through, and hopes to save it through the years.

~ Stuart A.

Awesome! High quality and pretty much perfect, a bit of wear and tear in the corner but i'm guessing thats due to postage. Haven't given it yet but I'm sure he'll love it

~ ll g.

I haven't given it to my boyfriend yet its his birthday soon and I've found it hard to keep a surprise i can't wait to show him he will love it! I was so happy with my order it was even better than i expected, and arrived so much faster than expected too!

~ Karina C.

This is such an amazing site. Perfect for long distance couples. My gift got there just in time for his birthday. Thanks LoveCoups, will definitely use you again!

~ Adriana .

The coupon book is absolutely adorable and was so much fun to make. My husband loved it as part of his first anniversary gift!!! What a fantastic idea!!

~ Tracy E.

She said, "One of the sweetest things you've ever given me."

~ Eric H.

My wife loved them and I really enjoy how easy it was to put together and edit for her liking. I would definitely recommend this product to those who want to give their significant others a thoughtful (and inexpensive) gift.

~ Aaron C.

This was great - my husband loves it! It was the perfect substitute to a card!! Everything came in good condition, looking exactly how I thought it would, and it was fun to make!

~ Lauren J.

I received the order earlier than expected and it was perfect. My boyfriend got a real kick out of it and has already used a few!

~ Millie B.

Absolutely wonderful. Shipping was immediate and quality is great. Definitely recommend this product to anyone and very happy with the outcome.

~ Michelle F.

I really liked doing the coupons as a gift for my boyfriend. It was fun design the characters, easy to use and once you're finished, you don't need to worry about anything. My concern was that my boyfriend lives in Germany! I thought the coupons migjt get lost or take much more time. But the gift go there only one day after the calculated date. My boyfried loved them! Said it was a really cute idea and the printing as well as the paper, look very good quality (at least trhoygh Skype! Haha) Will recommend and use it again. Thank you!

~ Ana G.

Loved it. It looked amazing. I was impressed. Enjoyed the look of the book and had fun making it. Love the way you can customize the characters to look like the receipiant.

~ Heather E.

I absolutely love the coupons! The quality of print is spot on, and the books are sturdy. My boyfriend couldn't stop smiling when I gave the book to him, and he kept asking me where I got it from. I will definitely be ordering others! Thank you!

~ Ashley D.

This was such a fun experience, having the ability to customize to your likeness and so many coupon types to choose from. I will definitely use this site again. My husband absolutely loved this when I gave it to him as part of an Anniversary gift!

~ Michelle D.

The coupons turned out great! They were fun to make and were perfect for a cute personal gift. My girlfriend loves them! Thanks LoveCoupons

~ Dave .

She was so surprised! She wanted 20 more of them!

~ Gator S.

The ideas are thoughtful, and super cute. I liked making this book, and my bae loved it.

~ Lexi H.

My boyfriend was totally blown away by the creativity and the quality of his new Love Coupons! He wishes he could redeem them all right away! Thanks LoveCoupons, I had fun making my characters and picking all the exciting coupons was hilarious! I was really able to express myself!

~ Cristina B.

These were a big hit! I was able to pick what coupons make sense for us and even double some of them up. It was a big hit and the process is easy.

~ Janice H.

I loved it! My boyfriend thought it was adorable.

~ Donique M.

Love Coups are absolutely great. i bought them for my fiance for one of his anniversary gifts and he absolutely loves them. He is taking full advantage of all his coupons. I would definitely recommend Love Coups to my friends.

~ Khadija E.

Instead of making it as a "coupon", I edited the texts in every page to make it like a letter. My partner was teary-eyed as he turned the pages one by one. He was so happy; this was the perfect gift for our anniversary! As for my assessment on the product itself, nice paper and print quality. There's also a lot of coupons to choose from, and I really like that I can edit the characters, they really looked like me and my partner. The delivery was very fast, and the team assisted me on my inquiries. Thanks LoveCoups! :)

~ Michael L.

Wow ! It went unbelievable ! Such a cute idea and website.. I can't wait to tell everyone about it !

~ Anjelica C.

Great, turned out too cute and he loved it!

~ Miranda L.

I am in a long distance relationship and being able to send things like this really help bring the romance to our relationship. It builds anticipation for whenever we plan to meet, plus the long distance coupons work wonders as well as they help to keep things going even when we are far away. The options are endless and as soon as we are through this one (maybe even halfway through as I'm sure there will be some favorites I need to put in a new one) I will be making and purchasing another one.

~ Deliece K.

Such a cute idea! It turned out so cute and I'm very happy with it.

~ Corie B.

My wife absolutely loved her coupon book! I even had fun making the avatars and picking out the coupons.

~ michael g.

My husband loved these. It was used for our first anniversary as paper is the tradition. He was so amazed and thankful and laughed at our characters I created. I will be doing this again!!! I absolutely love this So glad I found this site!

~ Ashanti D.

The book came out great and was really easy to build. My boyfriend loved it and plans to use every single coupon!

~ justin p.

I just loved the coupon book.My fiancee said this was the best gift he ever got and that just made my day!!!

~ Divyya K.

It was amazing ! My boyfriend loved it ! It was personal and it was entertaining ! Thank you so much ! I will definitely be ordering again from you !

~ Jaya R.

He loved it!!!

~ Addison H.

My sister absolutely loved her gift. I am moving to Atlanta and I wanted to make her birthday special. She is already using the coupons. lol Awesome gift idea!

~ Kahiah P.

It was fun putting together my coupon book and my recipient loved it! The graphics were very cute and the website had a variety of coupons you could play around with. It would be a whole much more better if they had a section where you could completely design a new coupon. I bet more awesome and creative coupons would come out of those too! Overall a great experience!

~ Raecca C.

Loved the booklet! Got one for my boyfriends birthday and he loved how personalized it was. Definitely a great, fun gift!

~ Shannon M.

I gave this to my boyfriend for our anniversary and he loved it!

~ Alyssa O.

They came quickly, and look really nice. I enjoyed personalizing the characters!

~ Brooke D.

I designed the coupon book for my boyfriend for our 4 year dating anniversary and he loved it! He intently read through each of the pages and thought it was really cute. I love how I could customize the whole coupon book and I will definitely tell my sister and friends about it to do for their boyfriends/husbands. Of course I'll definitely be coming back to make more coupon books in the future as soon as my boyfriend uses up his current one! :)

~ Brooke L.

My boyfriend absolutely loved them, I got him two other big gifts for his birthday but above all he loved the coupons the best! Such a good idea for a loved one! I wish I had some for myself. And when they weren't delivered properly you guys sent them through premium fed ex and got them to me ASAP before his birthday in which I really appreciated! Thank you so much!

~ Tia A.

He loved them!!! Great quality, so I loved them too!!!

~ Susa S.

Love it!!! Good quality and amazing outcome!

~ Hang N.

I gave this to my husband for our 1 year anniversary since the tradition is paper. It was delivered much earlier than expected which was perfect. My husband loved it and thought it was so creative. These coupons give you the chance to spice up your relationship a bit and have fun together.

~ Ashley P.

These coupons were so cute! My fiance was so surprised when she saw them and yes, a few have already been used :) It's more personal when you get to make the characters look just like you. Thanks for the coupons, it's something we will be able to hold on to for another 10 years!

~ Cas L.

totally cool experience, so personal!!!

~ Mindy C.

My girlfriend loved these, especially the long distance relationship coupons!

~ Cody W.

The coupon book is so cute in person. I have had several people ask where I got & the site where to order one for their significant other. I can't wait to give it t my husband on our 1st wedding anniversary!!!

~ Beth C.

Great product & sevice, I got my coup(international delivery) in 10 days. Love it. thanks alot


My experience with lovecoups was great my husband loved his birthday gift and was completely surprised and happy to get it in the mail unexpectedly with his name on it. The adult section made this year even more interesting. Defiantly a great idea even just for fun.

~ Elizabeth C.

Absolutely awesome! The LoveCoups came in two days (much faster than I expected) and they were perfect. I had no idea when I started to make them that there were so many options, my boyfriend LOVED them!

~ Nicole D.

It was such a wonderful gift! My boyfriend loved it and said he wished he had thought of it first! I love how I was able to choose from so many categories and options we've been planning. I'm a huge scrapbook and I see these being a very nice addition to my hobby!

~ Melissa .

This Gift was Truly Amazing! I purchased this LoveCoup for my 1 Year Anniversary with my Boyfriend and I must say it was Awesome! My Boyfriend Loved every bit of it, especially since it the drawings were so personal and brought our relationship to life in an entirely new and fun way. He could not get over how Awesome he thought the gift was. It was even more special as our Relationship is Long Distance. This brought out my creativity side and truly personalized my gift in ways many typical anniversary gifts don't do. I will be purchasing one for myself soon and will definitely be using this to create more gifts in the future and for other loved ones as well. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

~ Abi T.

Great book - thank you for the idea :-)

~ Heidi S.

Sent this book to my boyfriend who is currently deployed. It was amazing how everything could be customized and how detailed each page was. The pictures came out exactly as planned on the website! Very reasonable price. I was extremely impressed.

~ Meredith S.

he loved it :) and cant wait to start using them

~ LIZ R.

It went AWESOME! It's a very cool gift to give and my husband loved it. Thank you guys. Great costumer service as well. THANK YOU! :)

~ Evelyn P.

My girl loved these ! We are a few hours away from each other and I was looking for something unique for her. Glad I found this company. We live a few hours from each other and I wanted her to know I was thinking of her.

~ Holland .

My husband LOVED the personalized coupons! Personalized coupons are the best!

~ Amanda H.

Loved them! Turned out just like the picture on the website!

~ Kayla R.

What a fantastic idea! My girlfriend literally swooned! She's redeemed one coupon, but is taking her time with the rest - it spices things up and reminds her of how much I love her, even when we can't be together all the time (long distance). Thanks LoveCoups!

~ Tara C.

My boyfriend loved the personalized coupons I made him through A coupon book is a silly present that can end up being more sentimental than an extravagant present. Highly recomend this idea!

~ Megan M.

It was a very nice gift. Unexpected for him but he loved it and felt awed!

~ Cintya C.

Amazing job! Loved the coupon book! My Fiance loved it! Thank You!

~ Jaimie B.

Very creative fun and easy to maneuver through the site. Boyfriend loved them!

~ Rebecca A.

I loved the entire book! I can't wait to gift it to my boyfriend! The quality of the paper is so good and it was delivered to me much before the estimated delivery date. LoveCoups is awesome!

~ Manpreet K.

I made a coupon book for my husband for our first anniversary. He thought it was very fun and cute. The process was simple and easy, and I would use LoveCoups again.

~ Rachel C.

Hi! The coupon book came out great! She absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for putting this awesome coupon book together and getting out to me in good time :)

~ Jessica L.

I received my coupons a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't be anymore happy with them. Great printing quality and the characters were spot on as out look alike- great anniversary present!

~ Stephanie S.

Such a great and fun idea and so easy to do. My boyfriend thought it was really cute and how the characters looked like us was very original. Definitely recommend!

~ Maddison D.

Loved how the coupon book turned out and it was a great hit with the hubby.

~ Ashley M.

I loved it! :) Very fast shipping. It's the perfect gift!

~ Jessica M.

Loved it and the receiver loved it too. I love that you can. Personalize the items.

~ alex c.

TURNED OUT SO ADORABLE! My boyfriend thought they were amazing. Shipping exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend this product.

~ Chelsea J.

Awesome! The book was great and my boyfiee loved it. and at first I was concerned because of the estimated time of delivery because it will be delivered 10 to 18 days but I was so surprised that it arrived 5 days after!!! :) The experience of making the book was great, the appearance of the book is super nice and the delivery was definitely awesome! It was a great time and experience doing business with lovecoups. Thank you very much! :) looking forward on purchasing another coupon with you.

~ Isel J.

LOVED IT! And so did my boyfriend (: made it extra special how you could customize the characters. If my boyfriend got this for me, my heart would probably melt.

~ Jamie E.

The book was great, better quality that expected and a great gift. Will definitely recommend to others.

~ Zoë .

It's awesome! So easy to put together and it looks great once printed. It's a great gift!

~ Erica O.

My boyfriend and I are living on opposite ends of the country, so sending thins coupons for future use was the perfect anniversary gift! He loves it, and is already planning out the best ways to use his coupons. Thanks so much LoveCoups for helping to make my LDR a little easier.

~ Emily M.

This was for my boyfriend of nearly two years as a belated birthday present. He loved it! He exclaimed many times over how cute it was and how awesome it looked with the personalized figures. Now we just need time to start using the coupons!

~ Leah H.

It was amazing…..he thought it was sooo cute and was laughing at the pictures…I would recommend this site to anyone as it is not expensive and is a good little gift!

~ Doreen D.

Bought this from the UK, Was told to expect it mid-July which I was upset about due to it being an anniversary present however. I am over the moon to say that it came 5 days after I ordered it!! 35 days reduced to 5!! Amazing product, Amazing printing and Amazing shipping! If you're thinking of buying and live in Europe/ UK, Do! You won't regret it.

~ Nick S.

Perfect gift!! My boyfriend loved it!

~ Keri P.

I absolutely LOVE my LoveCoups booklet! The order arrived in a very timely manner, and they are of very high quality. I am so anxious to gift them to my boyfriend for his birthday. I think he's going to love them just as much as I do. Thanks again, LoveCoups!

~ Lindsay B.

Created these as a just because and my boyfriend loved them!

~ Tameca C.

I loved this! It was so much fun to personalize it and create your stick figures! He loved it too, he was so surprised and loved how personal it was! I will definitely do this again!

~ Kate W.

This was such a fun to gift to both create & give! I enjoyed making our characters & then filtering through the various page options to find just the right pages for my book. I would suggest this to anyone in any kind of relationship, My boy is in the Navy & we are in a long distance relationship (I really appreciate the ldr pages). I will be sending him this book for our anniversary & he is just going to flip! Thanks for all of this, it is things like these that help keep love alive & fun!

~ Lydia H.

Absolutely brilliant :)

~ Amanda H.

Great experience! Characters were so authentic and delivery faster than i expected ;) who ever saw it said it looks amazing! You should consider expanding your services to Europe it will be worth!

~ tamara m.

He loved it. I bought it for a friend that has everything. He could not believe how personalized it was. Thanks !

~ carolyn w.

It was perfect and it came early! They loved it! Thanks!

~ Mar K.

Was fun and easy to put together. Came super quick and my hisband loved it

~ marci w.

It made my husband sooooo happy!!!!!! He said he never wanna tear it off!!!! 😄

~ Muse O.

These were given as an extra item on his birthday!!! He loved them and thought it was great!! Can't wait until her turns them in. Works out for us both. ;)-

~ Sherry S.

I made a book for my boyfriend, and he LOVED it. All of the personalization options were awesome, and the little cartoons really looked like us!

~ Megan M.

This site is AWESOME!!! I had the best time creating the characters and picking the coupon subjects!!! And all for a great price!! Thank you so much! It was a gift to my boyfriend, who thought it was a very fun and clever --he loves it!!

~ Grace D.

I love the book, thank you very much!

~ Atrisha C.

Great quality

~ Shanyra W.

This is a awesome fun product that should get me out of the dog house for weeks!

~ Jay D.

I have some lovecoups to my girlfriend and she absolutely loved them. Great way to send a personalized and thoughtful gift.

~ Erik R.

AWESOME it exceeded all expectations

~ nadeen q.

I gave my husband the LoveCoups for our anniversary. I have fun making them and more fun starting to use them with him!

~ Donna J.

It blew me away ! Not only is the book really fun to make, when it arrives its 100% accurate and of excellent quality. 10 out of 10 !!!! I don't normally fill out things like this, but I was SO impressed I just had to ! Thank you for the great experience and my Boyfriend absolutely loved it !!!!! Its going to lead to some very fun times, thank you ! A VERY clever idea and super well done ! I mean it !

~ Kathleen B.

I ordered a book of coupons for my boyfriend's birthday. At first I was a little bummed at the estimated delivery date of 11 days from the day that I ordered it but it arrived 5 days later. They look great, are on great quality paper and semi glossy. The colors are amazing, they actually look better in person than they do online. I give the whole process from start to finish a 10 star rating. They were fun to make, easy to arrange, great quality and arrived super quick. Thank you for the fun birthday gift idea. I know my boyfriend is going to love his gift and probably laugh for a good while.

~ Cassandra H.

Quick, easy and fun! My boyfriend loved this book. So fun that the cartoons looked like us! Love it! Shipped fast! Received it FIVE DAYS prior to expectations!

~ Anne M.

The coupon book came out better than I had expected! My boyfriend was so surprised and really loved it. I will definitely be using Love coups again and will refer my friends and family to do the same! :-)

~ Rachel C.

Everything went well! My husband enjoyed the details (freckles on his face).

~ Torahna B.

The book was amazing! Fast shipping! It got to me before the date! My boyfriend loved it! I love it!! Thank you!

~ Victoria T.

The coupon book turned out way beyond my expectations!! It was awesome and my husband loved it!

~ Michelle M.

I ordered a book of LoveCoups for my Hubby for his birthday. He loved them (and appreciated the "fun" coupons that I added to the book) and couldn't wait to start to redeem them! I would order LoveCoups again for sure!

~ Chelsea G.

Love the coupon book! Everything was printed well and looked great! Definitely a creative idea that's cheaper and more personal than the store bought versions. My book was delivered safely and got to my house early!

~ Kristin .

It went great ! I made one for my boyfriend for Valentines day who is stationed in Korea, when he got it he said he loved it and can't wait to use them when he gets back home ( four months tomorrow). These make really nice gift I would recommend them to anyone !

~ Jessica N.

He loved it. He said it was very thoughtful and that the coupons were very creative. I have always wanted to do this and never had the chance. I would most definitely use again and again. Thank you so much for the unique gift.

~ Judy S.

She absolutely loved the book. She was so happy when I gave it to her on Valentine's day. I do recommend this to any couple out there. Thanks a ton.

~ Alex B.

He loved it and I also love him redeeming it. This is the best and I told ally friends about it so they will be making one. Thank you

~ Sabina O.

This was an excellent gift! He had never received or seen anything like this before. He was very pleased with this gift and redeemed a couple immediately. LOL!!! This was a sure hit and lots of fun! I will certainly use you guys again. I have aleady spread the word about LoveCoups. I received it several days before the estimated date of delieverly, I was able to give it to him for his birthday. This is Awesome!! Thank you so much LoveCoups!!!!

~ Susan L.

I will probably do it again ! It's a really great gift to offer to your soulmate. I recommand it to everyone who wants to surprise and delight his boyfriend/girlfriend. :D

~ Emilie B.

Would definitely recommend this website to my friends!!

~ Esther G.

it exceeded my expectations. my boyfriend fell in love as he flipped through each page. I was very excited when I saw it. so nicely printed and a very good size. love the appearance and everything about it !

~ shiva .

Most fun and adorable gift EVER! The characters look exactly like me and my boyfriend and the animations are too funny...this is golden

~ Kristen C.

I was really surprised at the quality of the coupon book once it arrived. The colors were so vibrant and the paper and binding were high quality. I've built a coupon book with another company and I definitely prefer LoveCoups process and experience.

~ Jacquelyn W.

My boyfriend absolutely loved it! He immediately showed it to our friends and that is not something that he would normally do. Our friends thought it was an awesome gift as well. I was very pleased when I saw the book myself, absolutely perfect quality. And I had so much fun making the book. You guys did an awesome job, thank you!

~ Marie-José A.

My boyfriend loved the booklet.. So personalized and appreciated me taking the time to make something special for him that involved both of us in such a playful activities.

~ Veda M.

We celebrated v-day a bit late but he loved them and couldn't stop smiling as he flipped threw. LOVE this unique fun gift

~ Nadia D.

The coupon book looked great. It was a good print quality and overall great buy for the money. "She" loved the idea and has already cashed two of the coupons in! Thanks again.

~ sean h.

I gave my fiancé the coupon book for our first Valentines Day and he LOVED it!!! Said it was the best thing I got him. He loved the idea, the characters and that he gets to cash in on the coupons. Thanks for the great product and the on time delivery!!!!

~ Alicia S.

Creating the book was simple and straightforward, and there were so many great options for coupons. The finished product looks exactly like the illustrations on the website, and my boyfriend loved it as his Valentine's day gift.

~ Kirstin C.

Still enjoying coupons. Fun, inexpensive and easy way to show someone they truly are special.

~ jJoan R.

LoveCoups are a creative way to share love. The book I received were great quality and arrived promptly. My boyfriend LOVED this cute Valentine's Day gift and redeems a coupon weekly.

~ Aericka B.

My husband love the coups. He is going to start using them soon....

~ Cristina M.

Very impressed and so was my boyfriend! The quality is excellent and we both loved looking through all of the pictures. It's great that they actually are designed to look like us! A very unique and fun gift!

~ Lindsay M.

It was really easy to pick out what I was looking for. He got the coupons right on Valentines day and was very excited about them. Can't wait to start using them!

~ Robbie R.

They came out great. The process was simple, easy and fun. Plenty of interesting choices for the coupons, I'm quite pleased with how it went and turned out. Would totally recommend to a friend looking for something cute and plan on getting some for myself.

~ Jordan W.

My partner absolutely LOVED it. I had a blast creating my LoveCoup, and was so pleased when i had received it. It is great quality. Thanks heaps!

~ Rebecca V.

I got these for Valentines Day this year for my boyfriend, and he LOVED THEM!!!!!! I was unsure if he would like them but he did!! And the look on his face was priceless when he saw the naughty ones!!!! =] Thank you again and look forward to make more in the future!!!!!

~ Leah H.

My husband LOVED his coupon book! And I loved making it! :) its a great gift that you can make for Valentine's Day or maybe an anniversary!

~ Cynthia P.

First of all what you see is exactly what you get. I was so pleased when I opened my package and reviewed the coupons before I gave them to my Valentine. It looks exactly like the preview book on the website. I love that there were so many options to personalize my boyfriend's and my characteristics. He was so amused when he finally opened his gift. He smiled and laughed on every page turn. I would definitely order from you again, and I'm telling all of my friends about it too!

~ Jennifer S.

I made these coupons for my boyfriend for valentines day. He loved them and said it was a really thoughtful gift. He especially liked that the cartoons looked a lot like us. Would definitely recommend these and I look forward to buying more for future occasions.

~ Maria G.

This book made for the perfect personal V day gift! My boyfriend loved it and it was fun being able to include fun, love, and inside jokes into a gift. Thank you!!!

~ Brittany W.

Very personal and fun gift! Definitely spiced things up! ~Thank You!

~ Danelle O.

The gift was very much appreciated. Absolutely loved the choices I made to include in the coupon book and is very studiously planning on "cashing" them in. Thanks for a great idea to get something unique for a person with literally everything!

~ Ramona H.

Great gift for my boyfriend on Valentine's Day. From the time I ordered it to when I got my coupon book in the mail, it surprised me with how fast it was. Great job! I will use you again in the future.

~ Jane P.

It was great! High quality, great price. Will be using them again!

~ Christina I.

Great gift idea she loved it totally recommended!!

~ Kostas K.

The coupons arrived in a timely manner and the customer service was EXCELLENT! My boyfriend was so happy with the coupons, they were colorful and vibrant. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you!

~ M M.

WAY BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS!!!! Such a fun gift! And my boyfriend LOVED it:)))

~ Crazy G.

I LOVE my coupon book. It looks GREAT and my husband loved it for his Valentine's day gift. The book turned out to look just like online and better. I would definitely recommend this to others and will be doing it again. You need new coupons all the time when you use them as much as we have. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

~ Courtney .

I loved this gift for my boyfriend it was personal and cute and he enjoys them as well.

~ Yesenia .

My boyfriend loved the coupons! He thought they were cute, fun, and creative and I most definitely enjoyed making them!

~ Drea V.

Thank you so much!! I was going out-of-town for Valentine's Day and I ordered this last minute. Not only did it get there in time, but actually a day early. They loved it. I consider myself creative, but this took it to a whole new level. THANK YOU!!

~ Krista R.

Absolutely loved these! It was really fun to create a coupon book for my husband!. I couldn't believe how many pre-made options there are! The customization section was fun to set up, and it really helped to make it personal. Also, the quality on the final product is really excellent. The paper is nice and thick with a perforated edge, the print quality is really good, and the color quality is also really excellent. Overall it is a really quality product, which my husband loved! He keeps saying, "Can I use a coupon." Perhaps I've created a monster!

~ Heather H.

The coupon book was awesome! I can't wait until some of the coupons are cashed in.


My fiance loved it! I just made this for him since we werent doing gifts this year and it was perfect! He has it sitting on his end table for easy access! Thank you so much lovecoups!!

~ alyssa b.

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift idea. The service and delivery was great. The item came in just in time and my boyfriend loved it. Thanks so much

~ Galit O.

The book was great! Came quicker than estimate and was wonderful! I will definitely be using LoveCoups again!

~ Breanne R.

That was a really quick and easy way to make my other half happy! Thank you!

~ Anzhela s.

It went really well. He can't wait to collect on them.

~ Tricia L.

These coupons were the best idea ever! I gave them to my boyfriend for Valentine's Day and he absolutely loved them LoveCoups was also very understanding because the east coast was hit pretty hard with snow and of course, it messed up all the mail and deliveries on Valentine's Day. They sent a second set right away, just in case the package got lost and was unable to get to us. I really appreciate that kind of customer service. That is what will bring me back for more. The coupons are super cute and the personalized characters really made it a hit. Thanks again!

~ Samantha G.

My boyfriend really adored the little cute lookalikes of us! It's also great because I get to make the pages and activities as according to his interests and mine.

~ Jun O.

My boyfriend loved it! Especially after the initial figured out that the coupons were customized! He actually commented, "Hey, this looks like us!". It made the coupon all that much special :) His grin is from ear to ear with those special ones ;)

~ Francis B.

Such a fun gift! Turned out great and husband loved it!

~ Diana G.

I gave it as a valentine's day gift to my boyfriend! He loved it!! He's already taking advantage of it. I think one of the beat parts is having us cartoonized in all the pages. They really look like us jeje It's definitely an innovative and fun gift for any occassion! I think I'm giving my mom one of mother's day!!!

~ Adriana S.

It was perfect! He loved the coupons and I loved that I could personalize them to relate to us

~ Melanie A.

Book was great! The customization was easy and unique. Definitely a hit!

~ Gina D.

I was very pleased with my experience with ! I love how you can customize the characters and put names, the different coupons ideas were all good, so much it was hard to pic my top 20. My Booboo loved his gift and is looking forward to having some good times together. Would use it again for sure, delivery was rapid, big plus. Thanks !

~ Kim B.

These were the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Only problem.... They're so damn cute you won't want to rip them!!! Lol

~ Teryn F.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well these coupons are made! I had a lot of fun making them and will have just as much fun using them! I'll definitely be recommending you to others!

~ Brehan M.

Amazing!! The printing and delivery was flawless and he absolutely LOVED it! I would definitely make a book with lovecoups again!! Thank you!

~ Stephanie S.

Coupons turned out very cute. Very pleased!

~ Jenn M.

My boyfriend loved it! The coupons had him laughing and he found it incredibly cute. It was really easy to make it personal and intimate. I really enjoyed making my coupon book and giving it to him. Now I can't wait to use the coupons. (:

~ Michelle E.

He did not expect this gift and total surprise! He loved it!, Thank you Loecoup!

~ Katsuyo R.

My Partner absolutely loved it! He thought it was an awesome idea :) He wouldn't stop smiling. The quality is just awesome & delivery was fast!.. Thank you so much!

~ Michelle R.

My boyfriend loved the coupons. He loved the personalization aspect the most. They were very good quality. He even asked if you had something like this that he could create from his children to their grandmother. Thanks for everything!

~ Kesha B.

The service given by the employees was great. I will definitely shop here again in the future!

~ Ryann G.

I loved them, he loved them!!! Such a fun gift!


I gave my husband a love coup for our anniversary..he absolutely loved it. His exact words were 'I didn't know you had this in you' meaning: he is usually the romantic one. I loved that I could change the text to make it personal, I added things like the name of our favorite restaurant and the first meal I ever cooked him. Made it very special.

~ Wendy Y.

Such an original gift! I was delighted with it, and my boyfriend couldn't stop smiling!

~ Katherine .

My boyfriend was so happy when I gave him his LoveCoups for Valentines Day. It wasn't just the content on the inside, it was the thought that was put in to making it. He doesn't want to use them because he doesn't want to rip them out!

~ Emily F.

My husband loved these coupons. I incorporated a variety of them and he was pleasantly surprised and happy. Thanks again -- it was easy to order and a lot of fun picking out which coupons I wanted to include.

~ Cherie S.

Love Coups is the cutest gift idea. My husband loved his book of coupons and said he wishes he thought if this idea for me. The coupons came out crisp, clear and so cute. I'll be a life long member. Thank you LoveCoups!

~ Sarah K.

My husband thought the book was very cute, and loved the variety of coupons he can choose to use. It was a hit for Valentine's Day!

~ Chayse T.

This was a great experience. My husband was really touched and called his gift "very thoughtful"

~ Heather B.

Awesome, cute, personalized gift! Took all of the hard work out of it for me :)

~ Samantha P.

Fun to make and a cute personalized gift. The booklet is made of professional quality. Shipping was quick. I would order again.

~ KK E.

At first my Valentine looked a little confused...but once he flipped the book open and saw some of the adult themed coupons....that confused look turned into a huge smile!!! Can't wait to try out a few more!

~ Katie L.

My boyfriend looooves his coupon book! I'm still shocked at how incredible the coupon book came out. Very professional company, I recommend Lovecoups to everyone!

~ Mariana P.

I loved it n he did especially wink wink. I was so suprised n how much it really looked like us lol. Thanks. ..

~ Glenna H.

He loves it! Best gift to give anyone. I recommend to anyone

~ Maribel Z.

My hubby loved the coupons. It was a lot of fun and outside the normal gifts we receive,

~ Nikki H.

I made these for our first Valentine's Day together and she absolutely loved them! We are keeping them and marking them off as we complete each coupon this coming year.

~ Stephanie H.

Loved it!!! Super cute idea!!

~ Kate S.

This year my wife and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. I wanted to give her something unique and special for Valentines Day. LoveCoups hit the mark! My wife said it was the best Valentines gift that she ever received from me! No, LoveCoups rocks!

~ Kevin K.

He absolutely loved them. He was amazed at how customized they were. I was able to put in places that are special just to us!

~ suzanne l.

I am very pleased with how my coupons turned out. They look great and shipping was quick, they arrived faster than the estimated time.

~ Amber K.

I received my custom coupon book earlier than expected. The quality is excellent, nice glossy pages on heavier weight stock. Very well made, looks just like the pages did online. I gave it to my boyfriend for Valentines Day and he loved it. He enjoyed reading through it and deciding which coupon to redeem first. I will definitely be using thissite for more personalized items in the future!

~ Karen C.

My boyfriend loved the coupons! He thought it was very creative & definitely intends to use every one of them!!

~ Stacey V.

Really excellent product. Vibrant colors and very good and very funny illustrations. It was fun making up the coupons (switch the gender every now and then for a hysterical change) and the wife loved them!

~ Kurt B.

AWESOME! hilarious valentine's day gift

~ Abbie N.

My boyfriend loved his Valentine's day gift! It was so easy to make the book and I'm very happy with the results

~ Samantha S.

Love my LoveCoups! I got it for my mom and she absolutely loved it! She thought it was so funny that the characters looked like us and I know that she'll be using these coupons in the future!

~ Sara S.

He said "best gift I've ever gotten!!" As a couple, we appreciate EXPERIENCES more than actual gifts. These coupons gave us the opportunity to do things together, in a fun and playful way. It was personalized to our liking. Thanks for the awesome idea!

~ Carmen K.

The coupons arrived ahead of schedule and they are lovely. My boyfriend really enjoyed the surprise :-)

~ Tatiana D.

I loveddddddd my coupon book. I used it as a Valentines Day gift and it met all my expectations! It came it great & was a very cute and thoughtful gift to my boyfriend. He loves it & is defiantly taking advantage of each and every coupon!

~ Cardiellea B.

He loves it! Great quality and so fun! Thank you!

~ Becca B.

The coupon book was better than I had expected. Great options to choose from so you don't have to have any duplicates. I'll definitely use this again for other celebrations. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

~ Jordan .

Lovecoups was very fun and definitely worth the buy!!!

~ Dalia A.

It was a great Valentines Day gift...he loved it! He already redeemed one and I'm sure this weekend he'll redeem one of the more juicy ones. :)

~ Betty W.

I have a husband who has everything, and what he doesn't have he loves to shop and get. Giving gifts has always been difficult. But, thanks to LoveCoups, I was able to give him something he never has unless I give it to him!!! :) He uses his coupons as if he were really shopping, and I love cashing them in--each and every single one!

~ Angela P.

This was the perfect gift! He absolutely loved the coupon book! :)

~ Haylee O.

It was fun making the coupon book for my husband, and he loved it. I will definitely be using this site again and have already told a bunch of people about it.

~ Candace Q.

Every step in the process of making the coupon book was so much fun! There were so many creative options, there was something for everyone! The only tough part was only picking 20!

~ Jess .

My boyfriend absolutely loved them. He said it was very thoughtful and he knew I put a lot of time into it. He also couldn't wait to start cashing them in!

~ Cynthia K.

I gave it to him for Valentine's day. He loved it, especially that the Avatars looked like us. He had a smile on his face with each coupon he read. Thanks for a unique gift!

~ Karen B.

It was great! My boyfriend loved it! I would totally reccomend this to any friend as a gift for their partner, friend, or family. It's such fun!

~ Linda R.

He was very surprised. He thought it was a unique gift and very creative. I love the texture and quality of the coupons.

~ Daphne G.

I wanted to give something unique this valentines. It was as much fun making the coupons as it has been using them :) them came just as seen online. It was a BIG hit!!! I would recommend to all my friends. Thanks LoveCoups

~ Uce O.

It was super easy and fun creating my LoveCoups. My husband loved them.

~ Julia B.

Lovelovelove this!! Cannot say enough good things about how it turned out. So fun, so personal, such a delight!!

~ Laurel Z.

My husband absolutely loved the LoveCoups that I gave him for Valentine's Day this year! The quality of the book, the ability to personalize with characters that looked like us, and the fast, efficient shipping combined made this a perfect gift. One that will definitely keep on giving!

~ Elizabeth V.

It was fun making the book it came quickly, and looks great!

~ Sarah .

The site was a breeze to navigate and love the concept. I've told all my friends and co.workers about your site. Valentine's Day is Friday so I haven't given him the coupon book yet. Cannot wait, I know he will just love it!

~ Kristina D.

Arrived quickly and very nice quality and very cute! I haven't given them to him yet, but that will happen in a few days. I booked a vacation as his Valentines present and the coupon that says that I will take him on a resort vacation is the perfect way to tell him! I can't wait to see his face when he realizes what it really means.

~ Amy M.

Turned out great, will definitely recommend it to others!

~ Tracey L.

This was the perfect gift idea ever for my boyfriend for valentines day!

~ Jenny P.

My husband loved how the characters looked just like us. He kept chuckling as he read them. Said it was one of the best gifts he had gotten because I put thought into each coupon.

~ Kimberley Z.

Everything I expected still waiting to give them to my hubby for v-day but they are so cute and detailed.

~ Kimberly C.

My coupon book came in the mail... It looked AMAZING! I can't wait to give it to my boyfriend for valentines day. Being able to customize my book made it that much more special. Thank you LoveCoups!

~ Cara C.

I loved them! They were great great quality! And my boyfriend also loved it!!!!

~ Kelsey .

Quality was great, and my boyfriend loved them! Definitely suggest this as a fun gift!

~ Bethany B.

So cute! The perfect customized gift for valentines day!

~ Heather R.

This site is awesome!! I've wanted to make these coupon before.. and well crafts and I don't really get along! This process was easy and the quality/product is great! I can't wait to give this coupon book to my husband for Valentine's Day! I would definitely recommend this website/product to anyone looking for an inexpensive, creative, and fantastic way to say "I love you!"

~ stephanie s.

Great idea, very creative gift!

~ Maria V.

The book is super cute. It was alot of fun making the book. And I got the order super fast. I love it. Definitely going to order from here again for future presents.

~ Joanne L.

it was exactly what i wanted and i'm happy with it

~ Najah a.

Extremely pleased with my book. It was very easy to make and I love the fully customizable options. It's a surprise and pretty sure my boyfriend will be satisfied even though I think the book is more for me than him.

~ Nannika H.

My coupon book turned out fantastic! And the process of making it was so easy and fun! Definitely ordering more in the future for presents :)

~ Emily .

I am so excited to give him the coupon book! I love it and I think he will too!

~ Amanda A.

You guys ROCK!!! Ordered my coupon booklet and it was delivered in record time!!! We're having a great time "redeeming" all the coupons! ;)

~ Robin O.

I loved how the LoveCoups booklet came out ! Just what I hoped and expected ! Simple and easy to set up. Thank Guys ! You all rock ! :)

~ Karina G.

They are incredible. I love them <3

~ Stefanie .

Very easy to create, high quality product and very sure he will LOVE them!!

~ Amy M.

My husband love the coupon book I made for him! He thought it was so neat. I was also very pleased by the quality of the book!

~ Katie C.

Excellent she Loved It

~ patrick r.

I absolutely loved it! It came right on time it was so well put together I can't wait to give it to my boyfriend he's going to love it!!! Thank you!

~ Youwatie K.

I absolutely loved making this! It was super easy :) this is going to be my husband's valentines gift and I can't wait to give it to him! He quality is amazing. I will definitely be back.

~ Laura T.

Great gift. My husband LOVED it! We have had a LOT of fun with them. Very happy I made this purchase. I love that it is personalized.

~ Wendy J.

It was a big hit! I needed something special to complete the gifts I was giving my boyfriend. This was perfect!!!

~ Denise D.

I had an absolute blast making a coupon book. I found many of the coupons extremely relevant (though I did have to change a few of their wordings). Very few of my ideas were not easily represented with any of the coupons. Very expansive catalogue. Very easy to use interface. I WILL be ordering from here again. I WILL be promoting this company. It's fantastic.

~ Glenn M.

I was planning on making my own coupons and was searching online for ideas. I came across this site and just for fun, made the characters. After seeing just how cute and creative all the coupons were, I couldn't resist buying one! I can't wait to give these to my fiance!!

~ Brittany .

I was very impressed and excited about the final product. I can't wait to give this to my girlfriend on valentines day. I know she will absolutely enjoy this! I would recommend this for any gifts to any loved ones or friends.

~ Regan G.

This is a valentines gift for my husband, so he has not received it yet. I have looked it through, and LOVE it! It was so easy to make. I think he will love that it is something that no one could duplicate. Thanks for the awesome and affordable product!

~ Natalya S.

The coupon book came out wonderfully! It was very cute and everything was printed correctly! Overall, an amazing product and would definitely recommend this site to anyone!

~ Lydia M.

He loved it! Thank you! So fun!

~ Deborah L.

There's so many awesome things I want to say about my coupon book that I ordered; and I wished I had time to say them all! But, over all this experience from building the coupon book to giving it as a gift was such an awesome idea! It was super easy and fun to pick through all the ideas they give you! I'm going to make another one soon!! :)

~ Victoria B.

The process was easy and simple. The product turned out very cute! My husband loved his gift!!

~ Tara M.

He loved them! ##

~ Angelica R.

He loved the coupons!

~ Brooke .

I love how my LoveCoups book came out and all the options for different coupons. It is a fantastic idea for someone like myself with 0 artistic ability. Such a great company and I love the personalization. Thank you LoveCoups!

~ Kelsey R.

I adore my LoveCoups booklet! The photos and captions are adorable and made me smile while making the booklet. My recipient will open it on Valentine's Day and I can't wait to see his reaction!

~ Angelica F.

I got this for my boyfriend for our anniversary and he absolutely loves it! He thinks the best thing is that the characters are customized to look like us. He likes the x-rated coupons too!!

~ Kathryn H.

It was a lot of fun making the coupons. They are a gift for my husband for Valentine's Day. It's a fun and unexpected gift so I think he will enjoy them. I would recommend this item.

~ Sarah K.

I absolutely love how the coupons turned out. It was such a fun website & I had so much fun designing them. I love the way they turned out & how quickly I received then. Very impressed with everything!!!

~ Nina H.

I got LoveCoups for my boyfriend for our first anniversary. He loved it! I will definitely be using LoveCoups again in the future!

~ Jasmyn S.

This is an amazing gift to give I made one for my bf and he loved it I am so happy I found this website

~ Liz M.

I gave my girlfriend a book of LoveCoups as part of her Christmas present - she loved them!

~ Parker K.

I bought a coupon book for my husband as a stocking stuffer. We were on a pretty tight budget this year, so it was one of about four presents he got this year - a machete and a high-powered flashlight (both of which he specifically requested) and some candy. The coupon book was definitely his favorite. He got a pretty big kick out of the personalization. Thanks for helping me make is Christmas great!!

~ Ashley D.

I was very pleased with the book. It is such a great gift idea for anyone and any occasion. The book cover and pages were printed very well and didn't look cheap at all. I would definitely buy them again.

~ Shannon A.

I love my lovecoups! They were so easy and fun to make and even more fun to use.

~ Alana N.

I was certainly impressed with how it turned out! My husband loves it. It was pictured just how i thought it would of been. It was the perfect stocking stuffer. I would recommend for anyone!

~ Jessica B.

My girlfriend loves the coupons, so do I. LoveCoups is AWESOME!

~ David C.

I loved the personalization and uniqueness of this gift. My boyfriend was shocked and awed by the gift!

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I ordered a coupon booklet as a stocking stuffer for my husband. When I received it, the quality of the book was better than I expected. I will be sure to order again.

~ Sabrina .

It was a great gift for my girlfriend. She loved it! Good quality too,

~ Thomas Y.

My husband asked for a coupon book for Christmas. I think he was expecting a pad of paper, he was absolutely thrilled with this from the images to the coupons. A definite new tradition for us! He can't wait till he gets his next is hoping i get one to use myself!

~ Aimee K.

I did this so easily, sitting on my couch one night, and the product was wonderful! I loved all of the options -- so many were so personally appropriate for my partner that it almost seemed too good to be true! My partner now carries his favorite coupons around in his wallet, just to be sure he can use them at any moment! :) Thanks so much for a unique and high-quality gift.

~ Leslie D.

Hi, it was really great! I gave this to my husband for his birthday and attached rangers tickets on the "sarah will take you to a hockey game" coupon and concert tickets to the "sarah will take you to a concert" coupon. He was really happy, he said it was the best gift :) he already gave me the "no fights" coupon haha. its so fun.

~ Sarah S.

It went great! As a Christmas present, I gave a coupon book to my boyfriend of four years. He cried when he read the last one, 'let's fall in love again'! Thank you for the wonderful thing you've done in making these books!

~ Eden C.

Big smiles and some giggles as each was read! He felt sooo special.

~ Laura B.

I received my book in good timing and was able to give it to my boyfriend for Christmas. He absolutely loved them. Great product. Will be back in the future!

~ Kerri W.

Such a great gift idea! My boyfriend loved it!

~ Theresa P.

Excellent quality! This is a GREAT gift idea!

~ Amy M.

The Love Coups were a wonderful surprise for my fiancee! This is one of those perfect "just because" type of gifts. Flowers will die in a few days, but a book of love coups can help you have fun and show your love for months. The personalization was fun and easy and helped make the gift extra special. I'll be back for more Love Coups around anniversary time... if I can remember when that is...?

~ Jeff W.

My wife loved it. She keeps it close to her sewing table! It was easy and fun to get the people right. Great product

~ Steve D.

Met all expectations! The perfect little gift, my boyfriend really liked it.

~ noemi p.

Super fun and easy! The book was excellent quality! The wife loved her coupons!

~ Kolby D.

The coupon book was so fun to create and customize, and my bf loved it!

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My sweetheart LOVED his coupons! The quality of the surprised me! I will definitely be ordering again!!!

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Great Website. Very easy to use and figure out. It makes for a really cute simple gift. Loved it. Would absolutely use this site again.

~ Alicia A.

The product was absolutely fantastic. She loved it and I will be ordering another love coupon book in the future!

~ Nathaly A.

My husband LOVED it! He couldn't wait to use them!

~ Kandi K.

This gift was awesome. I'm 3 years into a wonderful marriage but I was the new husband that didn't listen to the "don't outdo yourself" advice. I've boughten jewelry, trips, dinners, clothes, newest gadgets... But this was one unique. Of all the gifts my wife liked this the most. The cheapest gift of all is the easiest one to forget and the most meaningful... Give yourself!! What a cool gift idea and so glad you personalized it and made it look legit. It arrived quickly in perfect condition. And such a cool company I've found in LoveCoup. I'm certain to return. Thanks!

~ Mike C.

I bought 2, one for my son and one for my husband. They both loved how similar the characters are to us and have each redeemed one coupon. Although it was a bit expensive for a coupon book, I would do it again. The ability to personalize them made all the difference.

~ Elizebeth M.

He absolutely loved them. They were his favorite Christmas gift! He was in awe at how much the people looked like us.

~ Erica J.

The coupon book turned out great. My wife really liked it and is enjoying using the coupons.

~ Jon L.

Loved this gift!!! Such a personal and special gift for someone you love!

~ Bethany J.

I purchased the coupons for my husband for our 30th Anniversary, which was yesterday. He can't wait until we get home so he can use them!


My boyfriend LOVED this gift!! he is obsessed with the coupons and I'm so happy. its such a great gift that you can give to anyone important to you, and it has so many options. A great buy.

~ Tatiana D.

Made one for my boyfriend, everyone loved it! My mom nearly burst out into tears saying it was the cutest gift idea ever!

~ Lexi W.

The quality of the paper, and pictures is fantastic. My husband loved them. It is a cute gift idea! I used mine for a stocking stuffer.

~ Laura H.

I have used LoveBooks online in the past and enjoyed creating presents for my husband. He loved the LoveCoups as well. They're a unique, fun and personalized gift. I highly recommend checking these out!

~ Amy K.

It was a big hit! He loved it!!! He was surprised and loved the thought and creativity that went into the present!

~ Angela P.

Got these as a stocking stuffer for my husband along with many other gifts. He said that this was by far his favorite one and loved how creative and thoughtful it was!!

~ Katie H.

My husband loved my Love Coups coupon booklet!!! I was so impressed with the end product that I've been speading word to my friends that like unique gifts for that hard to buy for person in their lives. Thank you!

~ Doreen P.

It couldn't have gone any better! Two years ago I gave her a LoveBook for our Anniversary of our first date and she loved it. This time I gave her the coupon book. She flipped through all 19 coupons saying how cute each one was and the last one was the coupon for the proposal. By the time she looked up I had the ring in my hand and I told her she could redeem that any time. After a minute of crying she was able to wipe away the tears and say yes! Thank you for helping me give my fiancée the perfect proposal!

~ Jason C.

It went great ! It was a Christmas gift for my boyfriend and he loved it ! We are having so much fun using them :) Thank you

~ Kelly M.

Absolutely love it! Love the personalization and all the options! Great price! Great idea!

~ Brittany U.

my boyfriend loved them. he hasn't used them yet but he will.

~ Guadalupe R.

They turned out better than I even imagined, and my boyfriend loved them! I loved how you could make them so unique and professional!

~ Blaire B.

It was awesome! She was so surprised and happy to receive her coupons! The only downside is that she loves them so much, that she doesn't want to redeem any of them! She thought it was a perfect gift and so did I.

~ Drew H.

My boyfriend loved the book!!!!! It was a special gift that he will cherish for a very long time!!!!!

~ Mara K.

I got these for my husband as part of his Christmas present. He loved them and the little characters of us on each page made it extra special. The quality is great and it arrived in an unmarked envelope- which I was glad of as my husband saw the post first. Great fun!

~ Tracey E.

It was so fun making my coupon book. My husband loved it and I loved how I could customize everything. I will definitely make another one of these again sometime soon.

~ Meg F.

She enjoyed her gift and can't wait to use them.

~ Mark D.

This voucher book was a surprise present and my boyfriend absolutely loved it. So long as you select which vouchers would suit your partner, they will love it.

~ Taylah C.

My boyfriend love it! Thanks!

~ Brianna B.

This was the favorite present on Christmas morning, everyone wanted to know where I got it and wanted to order their own.

~ Kelly C.

He loved them! A good excuse to do a few things together each month with just us!! Highly recommended and it will great to look back at the end if the year at all the fun things we did together!

~ C R.

My boyfriend absolutely loved this gift! Thought it was so creative that I had the coupons personalized to fit us!! Thank you!

~ Corinne M.

My friend absolutely loved the coupons. Perfect! We are already making plans to go skydiving and to reserve a bed and breakfast experience! thanks!

~ Kathy K.

Book was easy to make, showed up on time, and was good quality. My wife loved it - I liked that you can make customize the characters.

~ Jon W.

I surprised my fiance at Christmas with the love coup. He loves it but the only problem is he won't stop using them

~ Kate G.

It went over great. My significant other really enjoyed the coupons and has already taken advantage of a few!

~ Rachel G.

My wive loved the coupon book, including the design and pictures. Nice work, you guys. Ted Gibbons

~ Ted G.

They turned out great!!! He loved them!!! I plan on doing it again!!!! Love these coupons!!! Great idea!!!!

~ Diana W.

My husband loved it. He thought it was funny:). And he said he would def use the coupons I made.

~ Mo M.

I ordered LoveCoups for a stocking-stuffer for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved them!

~ Joel T.

OMG it went really good, you guys delivered my product way earlier than i expected which i loved, and the product was unbelievably amazing. I was 100% satisfied and would definitely buy from Lovecoups again. I also shared your site to my friends which they will be purchasing from here as well. Thanks so much!

~ Sherrese S.

SO much fun! Perfect christmas gift for my mom she loved it

~ riley f.

It was a present for my girlfriend of 6 years. She absolutely loved it. It was something different and sentimental. Meant much more than jewelry ever could. Great job guys. It was perfect!

~ Justin S.

Hubby loved it and enjoys it! He gotta few chuckles out of some of the ones I picked (let's adopt a pet) but it was fun!

~ Sky K.

Perfect romantic and funny gift for my boyfriend!

~ Jackie M.

Fun gift to create for a good friend! She loved it!

~ Maureen M.

Definitely tears of joy. My girlfriend teared up because it was so personal. Great gift!

~ Andrew C.

I gave the Lovecoups to my husband for Christmas and he loved them! He thought the idea was very unique and he already redeemed one ;-).

~ Jennifer W.

I love it!!!! i will definitely order more coupons from your website!!!! i loved how the coupon book was delivered without getting bent. It would be great if there were more options on activities! well it was so much fun creating the coupons and i was so glad to receive this cute booklet in time!!! colors, designs, printing quality.. everything went well! thanks once again!!!!! =) =) =)

~ Jennifer M.

I love the coupon book I ordered for my boyfriend! The fact that it was so personalized made it so appropriate and fitting for us and our relationship! I have told my friends about this site and I am very likely to use it again!

~ Jariah B.

My husband loves his coupons! He's really saving them for the right time! He liked that they were varied (getting out of household chores to something fun for a date night!) and liked that they were customized. I loved that they were very creative, fun to make and I wasn't limited by a theme. I will be doing this again!

~ Karen M.

It went over great! My husband was very impressed on how creative it was and is excited about using his coupons.

~ Mindy T.

Loved getting this for my brother! Such a cute sweet gift idea

~ Elizabeth .

My husband truly LOVED his LoveCoups! This was his favorite gift for Christmas and I loved making up the book for him. It was so much fun! We'll have even more fun fulfilling the coupons!

~ Kim F.

I absolutely love it! The quality was perfect and it sure put a smile on my husbands face (which can be hard to do!)

~ Kayla C.

My wife loved the idea and now I'm wondering what I got myself into. She now expects coupons every year uh...oh. Haha. Well I'm glad I found out of this site and will probably eventually get another booklet... She has ready redeemed her 1hr massage coupon.... 1hr what was I thinking, but anything for my wife!

~ Juby G.

It went great ! Definetly worth it.

~ Eduardo .

I bought the book as a stocking stuffer for my partner. She loved it!

~ Kellie B.

The coupon book looked better than I imagined! Quality was great & my boyfriend loved it! I showed my mom the coupon book before I gave it to my boyfriend and she loved it too. I think my stepdad will be needing to make her one in the near future. =)

~ Sheri G.

Wonderful. Well done and came quickly. Better than i expected. Thank you.

~ Annie .

I love it, it was fun to build now im ready to get it at the mail and give it to my boo :)

~ Andree-Anne C.

I loved every bit of making my book for my boyfriend! First off, the character making was a lot of fun, and the coupons were awesome and you can personalize them any way you wish. I received my book pretty fast but when I pulled it out of the packaging there was a mis print on my cover page. I immediately contacted the website and within 5 minutes I had a response email assuring me they would fix the cover and re send my book. They even told me I could keep the other one as well. How awesome! I will definitely be doing much more business with your site! A++!

~ Kayla M.

Very nice looking and professional!

~ Mischele B.

Love the personalization and options as well as low cost and free shipping!

~ Sarah .

Thank you for allowing me to make both of my characters women and for having choices that were overall good choices no matter gay or straight. I will be back for more and will tell my friends about this sight!

~ Cathy C.

great unique book for gifting ! cleaver idea ... love t !

~ Laura P.

I purchased a 1st anniversary gift usiing - The coupon is EXCELLENT!!I Love the company!!

~ Nancy E.

Cute idea! Will purchase again

~ Dennis W.

this is a really cool and neat idea. keep them coming

~ Donald L.

I absolutely LOVE the animated coupons! SO cute!

~ Haley P.

Awesome site layout and very easy to use.

~ Scott A.

Love this product! so creative and cute I can't wait to put it in my boyfriend's stocking!

~ Tayler T.

This was a really easy and professional looking gift!

~ Liberty B.

Very cute gift idea

~ Sunny M.

Love the idea!! Best presents!! I wish the shipping was a bit more affordable internationally and I would buy more often. LOve the coupon book and so did my hubby :) It's awesome how you can personalise it! Thank you for a memorable gift.

~ Fernando M.


~ Terri B.

I love how easy it is to create a thoughtful fun gift and it is fairly priced.

~ Amanda G.

LoveCoups are great! I bought it for my fiancees birthday and he loved it!

~ Kylie W.

I used LoveBook in the past and was very happy. I am hoping that the product is just as good when I receive it.

~ Jennifer F.

This is a fun website with creative and personalized gifts for a loved one.

~ Trinity S.

This was such a cool idea. I got my wife a Lovecoups book for her birthday. I put in a lot of adventurous coupons to motivate us to get out and explore more. I also threw in a few pampering coupons just for her. It arrived in beautiful condition and well put together. I will definitely a must-have gift idea.

~ Chris S.

Awesome idea! The traditional 1st anniversary gift is paper so this worked perfectly. Our characters looked just like us and it was easy to put together. I'll be doing dishes till the end of time, but it is well worth it. :)

~ Mike O.

I lOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! Made a book for my husband for our 15th wedding anniversary. It was so fun to be able to personalize the coupons to what I wanted it to say!

~ Rob P.

We have been together for more than 10 years and this was our anniversary gift from me to him. We decided we will be going back to this website & will start making books each year for each other. Great idea guys!!

~ Dawn K.

This was awesome! I made my characters look just like me and my girlfriend! It was quick and easy!

~ Stu P.