Create Your Own
Custom Love Coupons!

Give them the gift of YOU! With LoveCoups, you
can easily create fun and romantic love coupons
that will bring you closer together as a couple.

Get Started Now! Get Started Now!
Create & personalize your characters
Choose a face, eyes, hair, & more for each character.
The two characters you customize will now automatically appear throughout your book.
Choose & personalize your cover
Choose the perfect cover for any occasion and
customize the text to make it your own!
Choose & personalize your love coupons
Choose from tons of fun coupon ideas
featuring your characters. Edit the text
to say exactly what you'd like.
Give your one-of-a-kind gift!
We'll print & professionally bind your
custom gift book and ship it wherever
you'd like.
All you have to do is take credit for this
unique gift...oh and hold up your end of
the bargain with the coupons!

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People are loving LoveCoups. See what others are saying:

I had fun customizing my book! I liked that there were pre-made coupons to choose from, but that I could still change the wording if I wish. The coupons haven't been used yet... Read more

~ Stephanie H. 12/19/14

Absolutely love it!

~ Ashley W. 12/19/14

The coupon books were adorable! I loved how professional it looked as well as the many options of individual coupons you could choose to include in your book.

~ Emily P. 12/19/14

My boyfriend absolutely LOVED this gift. He was mostly distracted by the fact that the character looked exactly like him, but once he got past that, really liked the idea... Read more

~ Kristie N. 12/18/14

First of all I loved how professional and amazing the book looked. My boyfriend absolutely loved it and had wide eyes the second he saw it. He even tried to use one that... Read more

~ Katlyn P. 12/18/14

Great quality, fast delivery, and amazing accuracy. I received the best service I must say. Thank you

~ Micheline T. 12/17/14

Being apart of the LGBT community, this website wins hands down every time above the competition! Not only do you get to customize the characters to look like you and your... Read more

~ Kelli J. 12/15/14

My coupon booklet was so easy to make and personalize. The characters look just like my boyfriend and I. The final product is professional and very well done- I am thoroughly... Read more

~ Hannah H. 12/15/14

I have not given it to my partner yet as it is a christmas present. However I was very pleased with my purchase! Great quality and fast international delivery! I would... Read more

~ Jodie B. 12/14/14

I got this for my boyfriends birthday and he absolutely loved it! He thought it was the cutest thing ever!!! :))

~ Angelina B. 12/12/14

I can not WAIT to give these coupons to my bf. They are soooo unique!

~ Destiny S. 12/12/14

I had so much fun this morning creating a book for my husband, I was laughing the whole time and was emailing friends at the same time. I hope, fingers crossed it comes... Read more

~ Krista S. 12/11/14

Easy and very fun to make. A great idea! I received in good time and it looks good, as expected. Can't wait to offer it for Xmas.

~ Betsey B. 12/10/14

Print is perfect. Fast shipping.

~ kelsey b. 12/10/14

It was lots of fun!

~ Olivia . 12/10/14

It was utterly sweet 😘

~ Damil P. 12/10/14

Not only did my order come in quickly but, it was beyond my expectations! The pictures were so clear and glossy, I'll definitely be ordering again :)

~ Eleijah B. 12/08/14

Best gift I've given my boyfriend so far!

~ Laura S. 12/05/14

my boyfriend loved the coupons....Thank you very much lovecoups

~ pri R. 12/02/14

Amazing website and idea!! My husband was floored by the creativity and graphics. Will recommend to all!!

~ Suzanne C. 12/02/14

better than expected! my boyfriend loved it! will be ordering again!

~ Aspen C. 12/01/14

Love it! Such an adorable idea and they came out better than I imagined!

~ Brittany V. 12/01/14

This is a great and creative present to give someone an everlasting gift! It's printed on high quality paper so it doesn't get damaged in any way! The delivery was quick... Read more

~ Ruby H. 11/28/14

I loved it! I can't wait to give it to my husband for Christmas!

~ Jennifer B. 11/26/14

I received it quickly after ordering it and it was absolutely adorable!

~ Jillian K. 11/26/14

Great product!!!! I laugh a little every time I see those cartoon versions of my boyfriend and I. At the same time it really is meaningful and a personal gift from the... Read more

~ Katie . 11/26/14

Fun and simple, quick delivery. All I wanted in creating a gift for my boyfriend last minute. And he loved it!

~ Maayan C. 11/25/14

Item was better than expected... great gift would purchase again :)

~ Roxx T. 11/25/14

Love it! Great little stocking filler! I loved how book turned out!

~ Stacey M. 11/23/14

Best custom coupon website on the internet. Great graphics, great experience and easy navigating the site.

~ Brent L. 11/23/14

I made this for my husband for our anniversary. He thought they were great and wants to redeem the "Get out of the doghouse free" card more than He... Read more

~ Virginia A. 11/21/14

I love it! It's ssooo cute! I haven't given it to my hubby yet because it's going to be a socking stuffer! but it's prefect! Thank you soon much! Oh and I'm so happy I got it... Read more

~ Holly C. 11/21/14

He loved them. He's putting them to good use. He's enjoying them so much that He says that He's planning to get me some. Can't wait!!! Thanx LoveCoups

~ Sharaka A. 11/19/14

Love the coupons! Can't wait to give them as a Christmas gift for hubbie.

~ Susan R. 11/19/14

Showed them to my girlfriend and she is making some for her boyfriend as well.

~ Marlene M. 11/19/14

A big hit! Perfect gift when you're not sure what to get.

~ Diana D. 11/18/14

Love it! Came out perfect. I know my boyfriend will love it

~ Denise U. 11/17/14

Love them. It is creative and I love the quality of the product as well. I look forward to make a few more for different occasion to come with this website. Good job!

~ May S. 11/17/14

I was so happy with my coups!! I got them super fast. They came two days after I ordered them and they looked amazing!!

~ morgan s. 11/14/14

Incredible quality and user friendly process.

~ Yvette C. 11/14/14

Loved it, will be getting more!

~ Aisha H. 11/13/14

Best birthday present I have ever got my girlfriend!

~ Sam W. 11/13/14

I loved the fun experience of building the book and characters. I was very impressed at the fast delivery to the UK and the recipient loved the book too.

~ Kerry S. 11/12/14

Went great! I have a lot of chores ahead of me. :-(

~ Christopher E. 11/11/14

Loves it!!

~ Kendra H. 11/11/14

This was fun to customize and create. I loved the finished product and the recipient thought this was the best gift ever!

~ Tracy L. 11/11/14

I made a coupon book for my boyfriend's birthday. He loved them! We both enjoyed a good laugh looking at our little characters doing all the activities. I can't wait for him... Read more

~ Kimberly L. 11/09/14

The coupon book was exactly what I was looking for. It was easy to navigate the web site and I received my order quickly. It was a wonderful experience!

~ Belinda Q. 11/08/14

The book was very easy to create and the text was easy to adjust. The quality and look and feel of the coupons is very professional. My boyfriend loved it! The fact that... Read more

~ Nazima A. 11/06/14

This was an amazing service, designing the book was fun and easy and being in the UK I wasn't expecting delivery for about a month but it arrived within a few days. Very... Read more

~ Nikita M. 11/04/14

Wonderful. Great and creative idea. My husband loved it.

~ Carmella . 10/30/14

He loved it great ideas

~ Kateryna S. 10/30/14

He loves it. Thought it was very cute. A great gift for our traditional paper anniversary :-)

~ Heather W. 10/29/14

My girlfriend was absolutely ecstatic over this book! I considered making the coupons myself but LoveCoups allowed MANY possibilities of customization, this was a no... Read more

~ Brendan S. 10/29/14

I created a love coupon book for my husband for our first year anniversary and he loved them!! He is hard to get gifts for but he was thrilled with these! The coupons were... Read more

~ Teresa R. 10/27/14

My wife loved them. It was such a simple and easy way to create a custom gift.

~ Kendall N. 10/27/14

Great idea, great execution! Loved the opportunity to build your own characters! Thank you!

~ Anna S. 10/24/14

They were perfect!!! My girlfriend loves them!!

~ Chasity S. 10/24/14

Very pleased with this purchase. The quality of the product is impressive. It was purchased as a Christmas gift and I am excited to see what the recipient thinks. I highly... Read more

~ Paula P. 10/24/14

Made them for my boyfriend and he loved them. The experience was so easy to make tham and was fun picking out all the coupons. I can see myself using them for all kinds of... Read more

~ Linda . 10/24/14

The book looked way better then I expected!! :)

~ Larissa W. 10/24/14

I gave my boyfriend his lovecoups book yesterday for his birthday and he loved it! :)

~ Stephanie M. 10/23/14

was too cute, boyfriend LOVED it :) thanks so much for the fast delivery and professional quality booklet!!!

~ Emily M. 10/22/14

I gave the coupon booklet to my husband for his birthday and he loved it. He has already redeemed a couple of them. Thanks for the experience.

~ Armetra G. 10/22/14

My husband loved it! The characters looked just like us and the categories to choose from were hilarious!

~ Kara W. 10/22/14

Such a great and fun idea. I love it. Can't wait to give it to my boyfriend and I'll be back in the future to make other gifts!

~ Kathleen R. 10/22/14

I loved it!! It was the perfect gift. My boyfriend loved did, its easy fun and personal.

~ pilar i. 10/19/14

He loved it! Cutest gift idea ever! There are some coupons that I'm even excited for him to cash in! Thanks!!

~ Cassandre M. 10/17/14

Wonderful! These were a birthday present for my boyfriend, and he adored them!

~ Shannon P. 10/17/14

Your Coupon Booklet was a hit! My wife LOVED it and got a kick out of the designs and themes. The customization was perfect. I'm glad I found your site and I'll be back... Read more

~ Carlos R. 10/17/14

My husband loved this playful gift and can't wait to cash in his coupons!

~ Christina W. 10/16/14

My fiance loved the book. Especially since I only see here on weekends while she is finishing college. It was something that came during the week and made her heart melt.... Read more

~ Christian D. 10/16/14

Was absolutely fun to create, very nice, shipped quickly, and was very nicely printed. Loved it and so did the recipient! Thank you

~ Shay S. 10/15/14

She was very surprised and extremely happy to receive her coupon booklet. She definitely enjoyed looking through, and hopes to save it through the years.

~ Stuart A. 10/15/14

Awesome! High quality and pretty much perfect, a bit of wear and tear in the corner but i'm guessing thats due to postage. Haven't given it yet but I'm sure he'll love it

~ ll g. 10/15/14

I haven't given it to my boyfriend yet its his birthday soon and I've found it hard to keep a surprise i can't wait to show him he will love it! I was so happy with my order... Read more

~ Karina C. 10/12/14

This is such an amazing site. Perfect for long distance couples. My gift got there just in time for his birthday. Thanks LoveCoups, will definitely use you again!

~ Adriana . 10/10/14

The coupon book is absolutely adorable and was so much fun to make. My husband loved it as part of his first anniversary gift!!! What a fantastic idea!!

~ Tracy E. 10/10/14

She said, "One of the sweetest things you've ever given me."

~ Eric H. 10/03/14

My wife loved them and I really enjoy how easy it was to put together and edit for her liking. I would definitely recommend this product to those who want to give their... Read more

~ Aaron C. 10/03/14

This was great - my husband loves it! It was the perfect substitute to a card!! Everything came in good condition, looking exactly how I thought it would, and it was fun to... Read more

~ Lauren J. 10/01/14

I received the order earlier than expected and it was perfect. My boyfriend got a real kick out of it and has already used a few!

~ Millie B. 09/30/14

Absolutely wonderful. Shipping was immediate and quality is great. Definitely recommend this product to anyone and very happy with the outcome.

~ Michelle F. 09/30/14

I really liked doing the coupons as a gift for my boyfriend. It was fun design the characters, easy to use and once you're finished, you don't need to worry about anything.... Read more

~ Ana G. 09/29/14

Loved it. It looked amazing. I was impressed. Enjoyed the look of the book and had fun making it. Love the way you can customize the characters to look like the receipiant.

~ Heather E. 09/28/14

I absolutely love the coupons! The quality of print is spot on, and the books are sturdy. My boyfriend couldn't stop smiling when I gave the book to him, and he kept asking... Read more

~ Ashley D. 09/25/14

This was such a fun experience, having the ability to customize to your likeness and so many coupon types to choose from. I will definitely use this site again. My husband... Read more

~ Michelle D. 09/25/14

The coupons turned out great! They were fun to make and were perfect for a cute personal gift. My girlfriend loves them! Thanks LoveCoupons

~ Dave . 09/25/14

She was so surprised! She wanted 20 more of them!

~ Gator S. 09/23/14

The ideas are thoughtful, and super cute. I liked making this book, and my bae loved it.

~ Lexi H. 09/19/14

My boyfriend was totally blown away by the creativity and the quality of his new Love Coupons! He wishes he could redeem them all right away! Thanks LoveCoupons, I had fun... Read more

~ Cristina B. 09/19/14

These were a big hit! I was able to pick what coupons make sense for us and even double some of them up. It was a big hit and the process is easy.

~ Janice H. 09/17/14

I loved it! My boyfriend thought it was adorable.

~ Donique M. 09/16/14

Love Coups are absolutely great. i bought them for my fiance for one of his anniversary gifts and he absolutely loves them. He is taking full advantage of all his coupons. I... Read more

~ Khadija E. 09/16/14

Instead of making it as a "coupon", I edited the texts in every page to make it like a letter. My partner was teary-eyed as he turned the pages one by one. He was... Read more

~ Michael L. 09/16/14

Wow ! It went unbelievable ! Such a cute idea and website.. I can't wait to tell everyone about it !

~ Anjelica C. 09/16/14

Great, turned out too cute and he loved it!

~ Miranda L. 09/15/14

I am in a long distance relationship and being able to send things like this really help bring the romance to our relationship. It builds anticipation for whenever we plan to... Read more

~ Deliece K. 09/15/14

Such a cute idea! It turned out so cute and I'm very happy with it.

~ Corie B. 09/12/14

My wife absolutely loved her coupon book! I even had fun making the avatars and picking out the coupons.

~ michael g. 09/10/14

My husband loved these. It was used for our first anniversary as paper is the tradition. He was so amazed and thankful and laughed at our characters I created. I will be... Read more

~ Ashanti D. 09/10/14

The book came out great and was really easy to build. My boyfriend loved it and plans to use every single coupon!

~ justin p. 09/10/14

I just loved the coupon book.My fiancee said this was the best gift he ever got and that just made my day!!!

~ Divyya K. 09/10/14

It was amazing ! My boyfriend loved it ! It was personal and it was entertaining ! Thank you so much ! I will definitely be ordering again from you !

~ Jaya R. 09/07/14

He loved it!!!

~ Addison H. 09/05/14

My sister absolutely loved her gift. I am moving to Atlanta and I wanted to make her birthday special. She is already using the coupons. lol Awesome gift idea!

~ Kahiah P. 09/03/14

It was fun putting together my coupon book and my recipient loved it! The graphics were very cute and the website had a variety of coupons you could play around with. It... Read more

~ Raecca C. 09/03/14

Loved the booklet! Got one for my boyfriends birthday and he loved how personalized it was. Definitely a great, fun gift!

~ Shannon M. 09/03/14

I gave this to my boyfriend for our anniversary and he loved it!

~ Alyssa O. 09/01/14

They came quickly, and look really nice. I enjoyed personalizing the characters!

~ Brooke D. 08/29/14

I designed the coupon book for my boyfriend for our 4 year dating anniversary and he loved it! He intently read through each of the pages and thought it was really cute. I... Read more

~ Brooke L. 08/27/14

My boyfriend absolutely loved them, I got him two other big gifts for his birthday but above all he loved the coupons the best! Such a good idea for a loved one! I wish I had... Read more

~ Tia A. 08/26/14

He loved them!!! Great quality, so I loved them too!!!

~ Susa S. 08/26/14

Love it!!! Good quality and amazing outcome!

~ Hang N. 08/26/14

I gave this to my husband for our 1 year anniversary since the tradition is paper. It was delivered much earlier than expected which was perfect. My husband loved it and... Read more

~ Ashley P. 08/26/14

These coupons were so cute! My fiance was so surprised when she saw them and yes, a few have already been used :) It's more personal when you get to make the characters look... Read more

~ Cas L. 08/26/14

totally cool experience, so personal!!!

~ Mindy C. 08/25/14

My girlfriend loved these, especially the long distance relationship coupons!

~ Cody W. 08/22/14

The coupon book is so cute in person. I have had several people ask where I got & the site where to order one for their significant other. I can't wait to give it t my... Read more

~ Beth C. 08/22/14

Great product & sevice, I got my coup(international delivery) in 10 days. Love it. thanks alot

~ SEMIH D. 08/22/14

My experience with lovecoups was great my husband loved his birthday gift and was completely surprised and happy to get it in the mail unexpectedly with his name on it. The... Read more

~ Elizabeth C. 08/22/14

Absolutely awesome! The LoveCoups came in two days (much faster than I expected) and they were perfect. I had no idea when I started to make them that there were so many... Read more

~ Nicole D. 08/19/14

It was such a wonderful gift! My boyfriend loved it and said he wished he had thought of it first! I love how I was able to choose from so many categories and options we've... Read more

~ Melissa . 08/19/14

This Gift was Truly Amazing! I purchased this LoveCoup for my 1 Year Anniversary with my Boyfriend and I must say it was Awesome! My Boyfriend Loved every bit of it,... Read more

~ Abi T. 08/18/14

Great book - thank you for the idea :-)

~ Heidi S. 08/15/14

Sent this book to my boyfriend who is currently deployed. It was amazing how everything could be customized and how detailed each page was. The pictures came out exactly as... Read more

~ Meredith S. 08/13/14

he loved it :) and cant wait to start using them

~ LIZ R. 08/12/14

It went AWESOME! It's a very cool gift to give and my husband loved it. Thank you guys. Great costumer service as well. THANK YOU! :)

~ Evelyn P. 08/11/14

My girl loved these ! We are a few hours away from each other and I was looking for something unique for her. Glad I found this company. We live a few hours from each other... Read more

~ Holland . 08/04/14

My husband LOVED the personalized coupons! Personalized coupons are the best!

~ Amanda H. 08/04/14

Loved them! Turned out just like the picture on the website!

~ Kayla R. 08/03/14

What a fantastic idea! My girlfriend literally swooned! She's redeemed one coupon, but is taking her time with the rest - it spices things up and reminds her of how much I... Read more

~ Tara C. 08/01/14

My boyfriend loved the personalized coupons I made him through A coupon book is a silly present that can end up being more sentimental than an extravagant... Read more

~ Megan M. 07/31/14

It was a very nice gift. Unexpected for him but he loved it and felt awed!

~ Cintya C. 07/25/14

Amazing job! Loved the coupon book! My Fiance loved it! Thank You!

~ Jaimie B. 07/24/14

Very creative fun and easy to maneuver through the site. Boyfriend loved them!

~ Rebecca A. 07/23/14

I loved the entire book! I can't wait to gift it to my boyfriend! The quality of the paper is so good and it was delivered to me much before the estimated delivery date.... Read more

~ Manpreet K. 07/23/14

I made a coupon book for my husband for our first anniversary. He thought it was very fun and cute. The process was simple and easy, and I would use LoveCoups again.

~ Rachel C. 07/22/14

Hi! The coupon book came out great! She absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for putting this awesome coupon book together and getting out to me in good time :)

~ Jessica L. 07/22/14

I received my coupons a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't be anymore happy with them. Great printing quality and the characters were spot on as out look alike- great... Read more

~ Stephanie S. 07/22/14

Such a great and fun idea and so easy to do. My boyfriend thought it was really cute and how the characters looked like us was very original. Definitely recommend!

~ Maddison D. 07/21/14

Loved how the coupon book turned out and it was a great hit with the hubby.

~ Ashley M. 07/18/14

I loved it! :) Very fast shipping. It's the perfect gift!

~ Jessica M. 07/15/14

Loved it and the receiver loved it too. I love that you can. Personalize the items.

~ alex c. 07/14/14

TURNED OUT SO ADORABLE! My boyfriend thought they were amazing. Shipping exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend this product.

~ Chelsea J. 07/08/14

Awesome! The book was great and my boyfiee loved it. and at first I was concerned because of the estimated time of delivery because it will be delivered 10 to 18 days but I... Read more

~ Isel J. 07/08/14

LOVED IT! And so did my boyfriend (: made it extra special how you could customize the characters. If my boyfriend got this for me, my heart would probably melt.

~ Jamie E. 07/02/14

The book was great, better quality that expected and a great gift. Will definitely recommend to others.

~ Zoë . 06/30/14

It's awesome! So easy to put together and it looks great once printed. It's a great gift!

~ Erica O. 06/24/14

My boyfriend and I are living on opposite ends of the country, so sending thins coupons for future use was the perfect anniversary gift! He loves it, and is already planning... Read more

~ Emily M. 06/23/14

This was for my boyfriend of nearly two years as a belated birthday present. He loved it! He exclaimed many times over how cute it was and how awesome it looked with the... Read more

~ Leah H. 06/23/14

It was amazing…..he thought it was sooo cute and was laughing at the pictures…I would recommend this site to anyone as it is not expensive and... Read more

~ Doreen D. 06/19/14

Bought this from the UK, Was told to expect it mid-July which I was upset about due to it being an anniversary present however. I am over the moon to say that it came 5 days... Read more

~ Nick S. 06/17/14

Perfect gift!! My boyfriend loved it!

~ Keri P. 06/17/14

I absolutely LOVE my LoveCoups booklet! The order arrived in a very timely manner, and they are of very high quality. I am so anxious to gift them to my boyfriend for his... Read more

~ Lindsay B. 06/10/14

Created these as a just because and my boyfriend loved them!

~ Tameca C. 06/10/14

I loved this! It was so much fun to personalize it and create your stick figures! He loved it too, he was so surprised and loved how personal it was! I will definitely do... Read more

~ Kate W. 06/09/14

This was such a fun to gift to both create & give! I enjoyed making our characters & then filtering through the various page options to find just the right pages for... Read more

~ Lydia H. 06/03/14

Absolutely brilliant :)

~ Amanda H. 05/31/14

Great experience! Characters were so authentic and delivery faster than i expected ;) who ever saw it said it looks amazing! You should consider expanding your services to... Read more

~ tamara m. 05/30/14

He loved it. I bought it for a friend that has everything. He could not believe how personalized it was. Thanks !

~ carolyn w. 05/29/14

It was perfect and it came early! They loved it! Thanks!

~ Mar K. 05/27/14

Was fun and easy to put together. Came super quick and my hisband loved it

~ marci w. 05/26/14

It made my husband sooooo happy!!!!!! He said he never wanna tear it off!!!! 😄

~ Muse O. 05/06/14

These were given as an extra item on his birthday!!! He loved them and thought it was great!! Can't wait until her turns them in. Works out for us both. ;)-

~ Sherry S. 05/05/14

I made a book for my boyfriend, and he LOVED it. All of the personalization options were awesome, and the little cartoons really looked like us!

~ Megan M. 05/01/14

This site is AWESOME!!! I had the best time creating the characters and picking the coupon subjects!!! And all for a great price!! Thank you so much! It was a gift to my... Read more

~ Grace D. 04/30/14

I love the book, thank you very much!

~ Atrisha C. 04/29/14

Great quality

~ Shanyra W. 04/29/14

This is a awesome fun product that should get me out of the dog house for weeks!

~ Jay D. 04/25/14

I have some lovecoups to my girlfriend and she absolutely loved them. Great way to send a personalized and thoughtful gift.

~ Erik R. 04/24/14

AWESOME it exceeded all expectations

~ nadeen q. 04/15/14

I gave my husband the LoveCoups for our anniversary. I have fun making them and more fun starting to use them with him!

~ Donna J. 04/10/14

It blew me away ! Not only is the book really fun to make, when it arrives its 100% accurate and of excellent quality. 10 out of 10 !!!! I don't normally fill out things like... Read more

~ Kathleen B. 04/04/14

I ordered a book of coupons for my boyfriend's birthday. At first I was a little bummed at the estimated delivery date of 11 days from the day that I ordered it but it... Read more

~ Cassandra H. 04/02/14

Quick, easy and fun! My boyfriend loved this book. So fun that the cartoons looked like us! Love it! Shipped fast! Received it FIVE DAYS prior to expectations!

~ Anne M. 04/01/14

The coupon book came out better than I had expected! My boyfriend was so surprised and really loved it. I will definitely be using Love coups again and will refer my friends... Read more

~ Rachel C. 03/31/14

Everything went well! My husband enjoyed the details (freckles on his face).

~ Torahna B. 03/27/14

The book was amazing! Fast shipping! It got to me before the date! My boyfriend loved it! I love it!! Thank you!

~ Victoria T. 03/19/14

The coupon book turned out way beyond my expectations!! It was awesome and my husband loved it!

~ Michelle M. 03/18/14

I ordered a book of LoveCoups for my Hubby for his birthday. He loved them (and appreciated the "fun" coupons that I added to the book) and couldn't wait to start... Read more

~ Chelsea G. 03/18/14

Love the coupon book! Everything was printed well and looked great! Definitely a creative idea that's cheaper and more personal than the store bought versions. My book was... Read more

~ Kristin . 03/17/14

It went great ! I made one for my boyfriend for Valentines day who is stationed in Korea, when he got it he said he loved it and can't wait to use them when he gets back home... Read more

~ Jessica N. 03/16/14

He loved it. He said it was very thoughtful and that the coupons were very creative. I have always wanted to do this and never had the chance. I would most definitely use... Read more

~ Judy S. 03/14/14

She absolutely loved the book. She was so happy when I gave it to her on Valentine's day. I do recommend this to any couple out there. Thanks a ton.

~ Alex B. 03/13/14

He loved it and I also love him redeeming it. This is the best and I told ally friends about it so they will be making one. Thank you

~ Sabina O. 03/11/14

This was an excellent gift! He had never received or seen anything like this before. He was very pleased with this gift and redeemed a couple immediately. LOL!!! This was... Read more

~ Susan L. 03/11/14

I will probably do it again ! It's a really great gift to offer to your soulmate. I recommand it to everyone who wants to surprise and delight his boyfriend/girlfriend. :D

~ Emilie B. 03/08/14

Would definitely recommend this website to my friends!!

~ Esther G. 03/06/14

it exceeded my expectations. my boyfriend fell in love as he flipped through each page. I was very excited when I saw it. so nicely printed and a very good size. love the... Read more

~ shiva . 03/05/14

Most fun and adorable gift EVER! The characters look exactly like me and my boyfriend and the animations are too funny...this is golden

~ Kristen C. 03/05/14

I was really surprised at the quality of the coupon book once it arrived. The colors were so vibrant and the paper and binding were high quality. I've built a coupon book... Read more

~ Jacquelyn W. 03/05/14

My boyfriend absolutely loved it! He immediately showed it to our friends and that is not something that he would normally do. Our friends thought it was an awesome gift as... Read more

~ Marie-José A. 03/04/14

My boyfriend loved the booklet.. So personalized and appreciated me taking the time to make something special for him that involved both of us in such a playful activities.

~ Veda M. 03/04/14

We celebrated v-day a bit late but he loved them and couldn't stop smiling as he flipped threw. LOVE this unique fun gift

~ Nadia D. 03/03/14

The coupon book looked great. It was a good print quality and overall great buy for the money. "She" loved the idea and has already cashed two of the coupons in!... Read more

~ sean h. 03/03/14

I gave my fiancé the coupon book for our first Valentines Day and he LOVED it!!! Said it was the best thing I got him. He loved the idea, the characters and... Read more

~ Alicia S. 03/01/14

Creating the book was simple and straightforward, and there were so many great options for coupons. The finished product looks exactly like the illustrations on the website,... Read more

~ Kirstin C. 03/01/14

Still enjoying coupons. Fun, inexpensive and easy way to show someone they truly are special.

~ jJoan R. 02/28/14

LoveCoups are a creative way to share love. The book I received were great quality and arrived promptly. My boyfriend LOVED this cute Valentine's Day gift and redeems a... Read more

~ Aericka B. 02/28/14

Also, Love Coupons are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, bringing Sexy Time back into your relationship, Christmas,
and everything in between!